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The Process of Aluminum Window Installation

Aluminium windows and frames are becoming more popular with time due to the benefits it offers. It has already been dominant in the UK and slowly reaching other parts of the world. Its low price and variety make it a desirable material for house owners. It possesses excellent qualities and benefits; however, aluminium window installation is no easy task. It requires experience and a professional hand. Otherwise, you may end up with bad design or miscalculations, but it will be a walk in the park if you are a professional. Still, to understand how it’s installed, let’s discuss each step and the tools you need for this.

Process of Aluminum Window Installation:

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Aluminium window installation requires excellent skill and knowledge. Still, with the experience we provide, you might get an idea of how this works and hopefully be able to do it yourself!

Preparation: First of all, you need to take measurements. It’s the most essential and crucial part of this process, so don’t mess this up. Check the height, length, and width of the area and its opening, clear out the dirt, and measure again, to be sure. Then check if the site is all clear for the new frame to be installed. 

There should be no cracks or extra debris, and everything should be clean and clear.

  • The Window Should Be Squared

This is one of the most common mistakes people make. They forget to check if their window is squared, leading to redoing the whole process from scratch. To make sure the window is squared, check the measurements diagonally, like an X, if they are equal, then the window is suitable for installing.

  • Clean the Installing Area

Clean the place where the frame will be installed, make sure it’s clean thoroughly, and the best way to do it is with a wet cotton cloth. After that, place the frame in a lock position for installing.

  • Silicone Seal

Use silicone seal on any gaps in the frame, but make sure not to seal any working parts. If you put it on any functional features, it may be hard to get off without leaving a mark.

  • Spray Adhesive

Check your manual to see if there should be any adhesive spray applied. If yes, use spray adhesive on the framework, but make sure it doesn’t get on the glass. After applying, place a 3×3 inch self-adhesive on the frame’s corners, be careful on each corner.

  • Place the Sill Pan 

Place the sill pan according to the manual, make sure its appropriately placed. A sill pan is used to direct the water away from the bottom of the window. This reduces the water damage to the window. Cut and bend the sill pan carefully, and apply it with a suitable size.

  • Keep It in Level

After these steps, check the level of the frame with a bubble scale. It has to be perfectly levelled to obtain the perfect window. Otherwise, there may be some complications.

  • Check the Window

Check the sides and position it well, make sure the sides are applied correctly, and the adhesive spray is coated as it says in the manual.

  • Fit the Window and Finalize

Fit the window in the rough opening, and adjust it without leaving marks on the frame. Once you are sure its in the right place, apply nails in the nail holes a few inches away from the corners on each side. Apply the final bead sealant, and check the window by opening and closing. If it works well, then you have done a great job.

You Would Be Satisfied with the Results

You Would Be Satisfied with the Results-thatviralfeedcdn

If you have applied the window correctly or had a professional handle it, and the results look great, you are sure to be satisfied with it. It lasts for an extended period before needing a replacement, and you can enjoy the benefits it has over other materials. What makes aluminium so great are its properties. It can prevent many disasters. It can reduce the risk of fires and damage due to storms. Its durability is excellent compared to others, and its also good for absorbing heat and radiations.


It’s not wrong to say that the process of aluminium window installation is challenging and requires professional work. So, if you can hire someone, that will be great, and you can have the best results with your newly applied aluminium window. Each step of the process needs focus and skill, which may be difficult for people, and practising on something important right away may be wrong, so consider professional help first. There are lots of sites and companies that offer it for a reasonable price. Aluminium windows are an excellent addition to your home, and they are just as important as any other part of the house. Once you see how they contribute to the benefits and protect your house, you may even consider aluminium doors and other things. 

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