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Showbox Alternative – The Best Sites

For those of us who like to save money here and there, nothing is better than free entertainment, because of the way corporations like Disney and Hollywood have turned good, old-fashioned entertainment into money-milking machines. So, by becoming a pirate and sailing the uncharted waters of The Pirates Bay or using websites like 123Movies to watch free movies online, you can get back at the system.

But what if the aforementioned sites aren’t working (which is fairly common)? What is your Saturday night plans are threatened by Hollywood lawyers working to keep such sites down? Enter Showbox, the streaming platform that hosts movies for free, and just like other free websites, has had its fair share of a turbulent history. We’ll talk about Showbox and what is a good alternative to Showbox.

For as long as money has existed, there have been freeloaders and for as long as organized systems have existed, there have been people trying to beat it. With apps like Showbox and its alternatives, you kill both the birds with one stone; you watch movies for free and you can beat Hollywood and its greedy system. So, without further ado, here’s Showbox alternative for PC where you can watch movies for free.

What is Showbox?

Showbox itself is a streaming platform that allows users to watch free movies online without paying a dime or registering with an account, where your credit card details have to be entered. Showbox alternatives are sites that require no money to view movies for free online and are instead fuelled by adverts, which you can see once you access their websites.

The problem with Showbox alternatives and the website/ application itself is that there are way too many adverts on the site which ruin the experience of watching the movie and secondly, since it is technically an illegal website, it is under constant attack from Hollywood lawyers and anti-piracy teams and therefore has to switch domain names and countries every month or so to stay afloat and keep providing free movies for the people to watch. 

Adverts are harmful for you PC because some of them are pop-ups which can open up in a separate window, which would make you not aware that something has popped up.

These pop-ups or windows in turn can harm your PC by starting certain processes that install malware or bloat up your space in the hard drive, which then requires anti-viruses and a whole lot of other techniques to get things right again. 

But that being said, watching free movies online on Showbox alternatives is a good way to save some money and can also mean a great time with your family in your home, which is not available in a cinema.

So, here are a few alternatives to Showbox that you can use to watch free movies online without registering your account or credit card number and just enjoy a night-in at your home with your family or loved ones and watch your favorite movies. Click here to read more such articles.

Showbox Alternatives

Titanium TV:

A good Showbox alternative, Titanium TV is often mistaken as a sister-site of Terrarium TV because of their name similarities and their user interfaces, which are very much similar. Indeed, both are totally indistinguishable. Introduce Titanium TV on FireStick and you will understand what is being discussed (on the off chance that you have utilized Terrarium TV previously).

Since Showbox is gone, I would state Titanium TV fills in as a great option in contrast to ShowBox application. Titanium TV also has a big inventory of films and TV shows. From latest films to the oldest TV shows, you will think that its everything here. I am likewise intrigued with the nature of video playback this application offers. There are tons of usable links that can be switched back and forth if one of them isn’t working correctly or at full speed. 


Presently, this is another extraordinary on-request application you might want to need to stream your number one films and scenes. UnlockMyTV has a broad media library, which additionally gets standard updates. The application offers many long periods of relentless amusement for your review delights.

Like CatMouse, UnlockMyTV is more up to date than the other applications on our rundown of best alternatives for Showbox. This lightweight application manages the cost of smooth route, gets streaming connections quick, and permits brisk playback. Obviously, not to fail to remember, it gets you the top-notch streams that stream in up to 1080p goal. 

Cinema APK:

Film APK is an Android application that works consistently on your FireStick, FireStick 4K and Fire TV gadgets. This particular app is very useful as an alternative to Showbox if you consider the ease with which it connects and runs. Film APK boasts a hefty assortment of films and TV shows. The content is refreshed routinely to such an extent that occasionally I locate the new content close to deliver.
The application has a library of servers and links that can be used if one of them isn’t working, which makes it easy to use and stream movies on. It also has a clean and simple user interface and menu and a mind-boggling library of content, Cinema APK is absolutely a standout amongst other ShowBox alternatives. 

CyberFlix TV:

CyberFlix TV is another application you would need to attempt in the event that you are searching for appropriate alternatives to Showbox. The interface, format, and association of CyberFlix TV is a lot of the equivalent. I like CyberFlix TV as it gets all the rudiments right.

The application has a major media index, which gets refreshed convenient. You will consistently locate the most recent films and shows accessible for streaming. Much the same as the others on this rundown, CyberFlix TV gets numerous connections, giving you enough decisions to discover excellent playback. It is a FireStick far-off well-disposed application, which is anything but difficult to utilize. It is lightweight and quick as well. 

CatMouse APK:

New on-request streaming applications get delivered consistently. There is just a modest bunch of them that pick up any perceivability. CatMouse APK is generally new contrasted with the other applications on this rundown. In any case, it has just made its essence felt determinedly. CatMouse brags of a great line-up of films and TV shows.

The assortment additionally gets standard updates when there is another film or an as of late circulated scene. As such, the application ensures there is no lack of amusement. The application is 100 per cent distant inviting and works easily on FireStick. It is in reality one amazing Showbox alternatives you can get.

This element rich application additionally allows you to incorporate your Real Debrid and Trakt accounts. All things considered, in the event that you are missing Showbox, attempt UnlockMyTV. I am sure you will like it. 


At the point when Terrarium TV got closed down, TeaTV out of nowhere rose to conspicuousness, despite the fact that it had been around for a long while. Since Showbox is gone as well, I don’t perceive any motivation behind why you were unable to check TeaTV out.

We have this application recorded as one of the top alternatives to Terrarium TV. Use it and you will know why it justifies a space here on this rundown of top Showbox alternatives as well. Like most on-request applications, you will locate an extensive number of films and TV show titles here. I am likewise very content with its scrubbers that get you the best connections from around the web.

Playback speed isn’t as quick as I have found in Cinema APK and Titanium TV, however the video quality is totally satisfactory. TeaTV typically pulls 720p and SD joins, yet now and then you get 1080 as well. Once more, with Real-Debrid, you can anticipate more excellent streams. 


One of the best Showbox alternatives, Kodi is a media application that can without much of a stretch supplant some other such application pretty much any time. This application gives you admittance to an enormous universe of films, shows, live TV, sports and so forth. You should simply introduce Kodi addons and begin. Perhaps the best favorable position of Kodi is that it isn’t needy upon any single application engineer.

This open-source stage has been created by a gigantic network of volunteers. This apparatus is continually checked and refreshed. As I stated, all you require is video addons to begin with Kodi and there are many them accessible for nothing. Kodi is probably the best option as an alternative to Showbox.

It may not be one of the comparative applications yet it sure is an extraordinary Showbox substitution. You can introduce it inside 5 minutes on your FireStick. Truth be told, it is upheld on a wide scope of gadgets including Android, Windows and Mac. 


TVZion isn’t generally the best alternatives to ShowBox yet I surmise we don’t have a ton of choices at any rate. I am not saying the application is awful. Indeed, it is really fair.

With a strong content library and a perfect interface, TVZion offers great amusement experience. Be that as it may, it’s only not tantamount to the others on this rundown, particularly in the event that you contrast it with Cinema APK and Titanium TV. 

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