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123Movies Online: Free Alternative Sites

Watching movies online for free can be considered the ultimate crime; if done one an incognito window and with a proxy on. That’s because its untraceable from both ends and you just made a small dent in the multi-million-dollar earnings of a production house. Kudos to you. But, sarcastic banter aside, watching movies online for free is certainly cheap and very easy. For the many introverts out there who can’t be bothered to go to a cinema, interact with people and watch a movie with a crowd, watching it on 123Movies online is the next best thing. Its you, your favorite couch, your big bag of crisps and Star Wars on your flat screen: life is good.

While there are many other online streaming services which have really started to capture a big chunk of this market (Netflix, Disney+ or Peacock), these are all paid services. They operate on a monthly subscription method of payment, where regardless of how much you watch, you pay a fixed monthly fee, which doesn’t usually exceed $20 a month. But using these services as an alternative to 123Movies online (as they keep changing domains) kind of defeats the purpose of the existence of websites that fall in the latter’s category. 

The main purpose of websites like 123Movies online and its alternative sites is this: letting people watch for free. Sure, Netflix offers a month of free streaming, but there are still one or two things that freeloaders avoid and take as big, red flags. First one, they require your credit card information even for the one-month free period, and second, what is a person supposed to do after a month? Go back to cable or just sit and scroll through YouTube and Facebook? No, its the philanthropic minds that gave us 123Movies online and they wanted us to be happy and keep the money in our wallets, so be it. 

123Movies Online: How to Watch Movies for Free

Now that we’ve established the importance of websites like 123Movies online and how they can save you a ton of money, we must go down the obvious road. Sites like these are, well, banned. Illegal and guilty of movie piracy and content copyrighting without due remuneration, there is a reason as to why, if you are a habitual user, 123Movies keeps on changing their domain name. it first started with, which was predictably taken down in a couple of months, before new websites with the same name but different domains started popping up.

There are two things that you need to understand about 123Movies online and its various domain names; the first is Hollywood and their smart lawyers and the second is resilient hackers and computer hackers from Vietnam, Russia or the Scandinavia who just won’t quit their anti-American rhetoric. Their apparent hatred of everything that America stands for and its soft power gives us websites like 123Movies and The Pirates Bay and Hollywood’s attempt to save their movies from being viewed for free gives us these website’s various domains. 

Considering 123Movies change their domain name pretty much on a monthly basis for now, you can simply search for 123Movies and Google will return the working website in its return, because the traffic on such sites is very high and SEO demands that Google show it on the top. But once you’ve accessed the latest iteration of the website, there is a little bit more that you have to do before you can start watching the movie. 

First up, you need to search and navigate to the desired movie and click on it. This leads you to a page where a list of servers is given and the movie starts running on the server most optimized for the internet connection you’re using and what the internet health and speed is. If the movie starts playing right then and there, well then there’s no need to switch servers. However, if the movie starts buffering and takes longer than usual to buffer and load the movie, the website itself suggests that you could switch the server to a faster one, with less load and less traffic. Simply switch to it and start watching the movie. You’re welcome.

However, it cannot be as simple as that. This is a website, there are people waiting to be paid off of it, so it has to be monetized. And monetize it gets, as every advert possible that could be shoved at you is shoved at you. But this is not just the plight of 123Movies online; alternatives to 123Movies like MoviesJoy or Vumoo still have adverts that range from decent ones that you might even consider for a moment to downright obscene; adverts claiming to increase the size of a certain organ or claiming to have uncovered the secret to getting women to like you (P.S. adverts are displayed according to user searches) are pretty common on these websites.

If you’re a dedicated freeloader who can stand a few adverts for a few minutes before getting to watch an hour-long movie for free, well then, you’ve come to the right place. Click here to read more such articles.

123Movies Alternative Sites

As you might’ve known by reading all this, there will be a time when you will search for 123Movies online and it won’t return any usable result for you. For times like these, a person should be prepared; either to shell out a couple of bucks finally to watch a movie or remain committed to the lifestyle and look for new horizons for your pirate ship to land on. By which, we mean look for an alternative to 123Movies, which are actually plentiful and bountiful. Some of them might even surpass 123Movies online when it comes to user friendliness and the number of adverts you’re burdened with.

These 123Movies alternatives are sites that more or less use the same directory and use the same sort of resource pool to show movies online for free; which means that a lot of these websites use a single source to stream movies online and have the same coding and user interface, albeit with different color schemes and button shapes, minor things like that. The fact is, that they are all committing what is considered a crime and as such can’t afford to invest much; so what they do is they re-use and recycle the same layout, same fonts and same user interfaces (UIs) over and over again until either Hollywood or they give up. And so far, it’s a pretty even battle. 

Following is a list and a description of the salient features that you can expect from various different alternatives to 123Movies and how you can watch your favorite movie for free online on these websites with or without adverts and random pop-ups that are then very difficult to close.

What is a Free, Good Alternative to 123Movies?

Following is a list of good 123Movies alternatives that you can access and watch free movies on.

6 Best 123 Movies alternatives

  1. MoviesJoy
  2. YesMovies
  3. Vumoo
  4. Crackle
  5. WatchFree
  6. Putlocker


MoviesJoy is a good and free alternative to 123Movies and hosts a large number of movies and shows that you can watch online for free. And the good part is that there is no advertisement policy or any other pesky pop-up that ruins your movies. No adverts, just free movies online.


YesMovies is also a very good website to be used in the case 123Movies is down again. It has a really great user interface, tons of movies and shows to check out and many servers that you can choose from to speed up your streaming experience. It ranks movies as IMDb does; country, genre, rating and a whole lot of other parameters.


Vumoo is a great alternative for 123Movies and has a great selection of movies and TV shows that you can watch for free. You don’t need to register for the website or put in details like email addresses or names; you just have to simply look up the movie or show you want to watch and you start streaming it. It does have a few adverts in it but they aren’t of the bad kind and not pop-ups too.


Crackle is also a really great website and a good alternative to 123Movies, in the sense that it provides free movies to be watched without the hassle of adverts. With Crackle, you get an arrangement of movies and TV shows into two major parts: free and paid. But don’t worry, the free movies part is pretty extensive and contains many movies so you really don’t have to pay and can actually watch a free movie online without getting into adverts much. 


WatchFree is also another website that does not require you to sign up or put in any of your details to watch free movies online. All you need to know is the movie you want to watch and how you can navigate past adverts and voila! You are using WatchFree to watch movies online for free.


Putlocker is the true alternative to 123Movies as it shares many build particulars and user interface with the latter. It also contains a huge archive of new movies and TV show episodes, so you should go check it out.

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