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Monster Musume Season 2 – Release Date

Fans of the anime series Monster Musume have been waiting for Monster Musume season 2 for a long time now. Originally released for viewing back in 2015, the harem/ comedy anime has found a place in the hearts of many anime lovers over the world, particularly among the fans of the particular genre. As such, fans are eagerly waiting on a word about Monster Musume season 2, which would further draw on the already great storyline and explain a bit more about the story itself and the various characters which share screen space together. 

While Monster Musume isn’t family-friendly, to say the least, it has certainly proven itself to be of great comedic value. The storyline itself contributes much to the humorous value of the show, while the premise lacks the family-friendliness which other shows in the comedy genre seem to have an abundance of. That being said, there is a sizeable portion of people and the otaku community who are desperately waiting for Monster Musume season 2 and would definitely watch it and give it the same amount of recognition and views that the original Monster Musume season 1 garnered.

Is a Monster Musume Season 2 in the Works?

Good news for people waiting for Monster Musume season 2. While a date isn’t out yet as of now, the studio behind the animation and the storyline has confirmed that there will be a season 2 of the comedy/ harem anime series. However, apparently, just the confirmation isn’t enough as many are asking if there actually is such a thing.

For one, the studio officially announced that Monster Musume season 2 will be animated. The fact is, due to recent turn of events including Covid-19 and the prevalence of lockdowns across the world forcing workplaces and animation studios to either close work indefinitely or enforce work from home status, the whole process has been thrown into a developmental limbo, with people and fans alike still unclear over whether the storyline has been written and approved or the season 2 has to be worked on from scratch.

However, the good news is that there will be a Monster Musume season 2. Unlike many other anime series which have got fans waiting for a sequel (like Dororo, Kakegurui), where they haven’t even got word if there will be a continuation, Monster Musume fans should feel lucky that atleast their favourite anime series is getting a second season, unlike many others. 

When is Monster Musume Season 2 Coming Out?

Soon. That is what the official release had to say regarding the date when we could see Monster Musume season 2 air on TV or released on major streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. However, many industry insiders, studio whistle-blowers and fans who have been following the series for quite some time now pin the date somewhere between 2020 and 2021. Initially, before the Covid-19 pandemic had struck, many were eagerly awaiting the season 2 to be released by the end or mid-2020. However, that all changed when the coronavirus pandemic started getting out of hand.

As of writing this passage, December 2020 has seen no word on the eventual release of Monster Musume season 2, which became a big point of contention between fans and the studio. Considering that the season 1 came out 5 years back in 2015, fans were livid that despite a passage of five years, they were still made to wait for a release of Monster Musume season 2, and that too for another year or so. However, after the pandemic, as things are slowly getting back to speed, there is a good chance that the release will be in 2021.

2021 still seems far away for many who still aren’t able to process the fact that 2020 came and went in a whoosh; it seemed like just a month or two back when the lockdown was announced and we were in for a long time. However, the lockdown only served to increase the popularity and acceptance among people during the lockdown; as many streaming services reported, a big spike was seen in viewership and overall log-ins and views for both animated and live-action content; anime series and Japanese manga and cartoons were particularly well-received and well-viewed during this time. 

As such, the most possible release date is put somewhere between mid or fall 2021; most likely after August, which would fit perfectly with the animation schedule should everything go on track and something doesn’t turn up again to force studios to shut down once again or impose a ‘work-from-home’ policy, which could slow down the whole development procedure once again, pushing the date back further. 

In short, expect Monster Musume season 2 to be released somewhere during 2021, mostly likely during the second half. This is the least amount of time that the production company would require if everything follows the schedule.

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What can you expect from Monster Musume Season 2?

For fans of the series, Monster Musume season 2 is what they want right now. The niche that it caters to (comedy, harem, fantasy) are pretty common genres in the anime and Japanese animation world. However, with the inclusion of the ‘harem’ genre, things get a bit raunchy and not very family-friendly. This is the type of genre that involves “many female characters vying for a singular male character, which defies a typical love arc story and instead focuses on the fact that a plurality of females are trying to win over a singular male’. This premise itself is now frowned upon by modern societies; harems existed in historical societies and settings where the practice narrated beforehand was common; although not in the same sense as it is taken as by the Japanese media industry. Harems, especially in Arabic and Turkish settings, were mostly reserved for women as a means of ‘preserving their dignity, protection, modesty and privilege’. 

This particular concept was then sort of corrupted to include raunchier and fantasy elements; the basic premise of a harem anime like Monster Musume season 2 tilts more towards the fantasy and the subsequent elements associated with a man and a multitude of women and the story arc that develops in such situations. As you might’ve guessed, this isn’t historically accurate and paints a very bad picture regarding many historical elements. 

With that being said, the Japanese media industry’s tantalization of the concept of the harem and its depiction as a genre of anime series has culminated into series like Monster Musume; as such, you can expect Monster Musume season 2 to draw on the various nuances of the genre, all the while building on the solid character and story development that people watched in the first season.  Aside from that, the comedy and fantasy elements in the description and the overall storyline also come into play; the story and episodes which depict daily interactions of the main character Kimihito Kuruso with the many female liminal (thus the name, Monster Musume, which roughly translates to ‘living with female monsters) who are trying to gain his attention and his love for themselves individually. The basic premise of the show also revolves around the same concept: the all-female liminal ensemble lives in the same house as the male protagonist and all are trying to woo him towards them, but individually, which contributes much to the comedy perspective of the anime series. Each episode sees the liminal characters fighting each other over the love of Kuruso and then with Kuruso himself as he is at first scared of the creatures but later on is just unaware of them as romantic interests or beings who could be trusted with topics like human sexuality, emotion and romance. 

What would be the plot of Monster Musume Season 2?

The plot will very much remain the same as it has been during the firsts season. The entire arrangement for the plot of Monster Musume season 2 will circumvent the approaching new experiences in the life of Kimihito and the animals of the Interspecies trade program. The following season will come in giving out the exercise of animals’ (liminal) serene conjunction with people. 

As you found in Monster Musume Season 1, spilling out the dream about dating a beast young lady with the anime hero Kimihito Kurusu. He was selected as a volunteer in the Interspecies Program directed by the public authority. There, a snake-like animal named Miia experienced him to whom he began sexual cravings. The entire storyline of season 1 circumvents the issues made in scrutinizing the characteristic of a human and an animal’s connection. Henceforth, Season 2 of Monster Musume will be additionally energizing with a ton of new substance, which all the more likely the variation of Yoshino Origuchi’s impending novel Monster Musume: Everyday Life with the Monster Girls. 

When an official trailer is out, we will hit you up with a more extensive image of its storyline. 

In any case, no official trailer is dispatched for Monster Musume season 2. You need to hang tight somewhat more for its trailer. This incredible anime will be gushed with captions on different streaming organizations like Amazon Prime, VRV, Crunchyroll, and HiDive.

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