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Dororo Season 2 Any Release Date?

The lockdown has left many of us with a whole lot of shows that need a subsequent storyline, season or a sequel. For continuity or simply closure for ones with really unfortunate endings, there are many anime series that would benefit from a subsequent season. One of them is the highly-praised and well-received anime series Dororo, which began streaming on Amazon Prime Video back in 2019, first getting released in January and telecasting till June of last year. It has been a solid 18 months now and people are wondering if Dororo season 2 is a possibility anymore or should they just keep watching the first one.

Regarding Dororo season 2, there’s bad news. Right off the bat, after the first season of Dororo ended, there were rumor’s that a second season was in the works. However, before anything could have been confirmed, the Covid-19 pandemic started and everything halted, from production to story writing. As of December 2020, there is still no Dororo season 2 on the horizon, and even though many websites and fan theories put the release of season 2 of Dororo somewhere during 2021, there isn’t much evidence to such a claim. Since there is a storyline to be drawn ahead of the first season, we could be looking at a 2-year wait just like Rick & Morty had with their fourth season. 

Will there be Dororo Season 2?

While the Dororo anime series or season 1 was well-received by many of the viewers, this has turned into a point of contention between viewers and MAPPA, the animation and production company responsible for turning the manga into an anime series. The latter has released no word of a potential season 2 of Dororo, despite an overwhelmingly positive reaction from audiences worldwide, which is usually enough of an indicator to green-light a sequel or a subsequent season. Not for Dororo season 2 though. 

MAPPA and Amazon Prime Video are both keeping mum on the possibility of Dororo season 2. Which means that as of now, nothing is slated out for the year 2021, or else, an industry insider might’ve leaked information about it. The fact there is no release date or any intimation or information of any kind regarding the second season of Dororo means that the wait will be long and arduous for fans of the series or there might not be a wait at all. There is a good chance that the hit anime show won’t be renewed for a second season, considering a host of issues that start with the current pandemic and end over the fact that the source material is now over 60 years old and is exhausted, meaning that the first season gave viewers all that they needed from Dororo and the story arc has been completed. 

Why is Dororo Season 2 such a Big Thing?

For one, anime series and shows are really beginning to blow up in popularity. These first started with mega-hit franchises like Pokemon and Dragon Ball and have evolved to cover a wide variety of niches and genres, with each niche or genre having that anime series that is a must-see. These cartoon-eques media have been gaining popularity among teenagers and kids alike; many 30 or even 40-year old’s still watch anime series, albeit with a different story or ones that fall in a more age-appropriate genre. 

Dororo is no different than many one-hot wonder anime series that populate chat boards and anime streaming websites on the internet. Like Death Note or Wangan Midnight, said anime falls into a specific genre of anime series and has certainly accrued enough viewers and fans to make it rank among the top series in its genre. Fans have been clamouring on the internet and micro-blogging sites like Reddit and Tumblr, asking for a Dororo season 2. 

The rating, popularity and its acceptance among the majority of anime viewers should merit a season 2 of Dororo; however, many problems have plagued the production sequence and story writing procedure, which puts the release of Dororo season 2 somewhere in 2021 or even 2022; or, there might not be a season 2 at all, as many have pointed out before. Click here to read more articles.

Why is there a possibility of No Dororo Season 2?

Many anime fans and people looking for Dororo season 2 have also raised the possibility of not having a season 2 at all and they have a good reason to support such a theory. You see, like every other anime series in existence right now, Dororo started its life as a manga series, being drawn into a comic-like series that the Japanese and people worldwide consumed. As such, many of these amines today derive their story arcs, character descriptions and other elemental plot structures from the manga, that is oftentimes described as the true source of an animated series. 

Period-Correct Content

As for Dororo, the manga was released some 60 years ago, way back in 1960 and was first serialized 9 years later in 1969, which makes the media release of Dororo 50 years old. As such, it is quite an old manga and anime series and requires quite a bit of workover and plot additions and deletion to cater to the audience of the 21st century, along with all of its various nuances. That alone takes a lot of time, which would explain the current delay in the announcement of Dororo season 2. However, the time issue isn’t the main reason behind the seemingly unending limbo the show’s second season has fallen into. It is very much pertinent to the source material and its exhaustibility. 

Source Material Exhaustibility 

There are very few anime series that manage to go on when the source material or the manga has ended. That is because every anime series uses the manga as its main source of content and does not add anything over that, save for making a few changes to better fit the story or to help with the animation schedule. With that being said, Dororo’s source material has simply been exhausted with the very first season. If all goes as usual, Dororo will not get a season 2 and instead will join the pantheon of anime series that ended after just a season; like Death Note, Dororo has a good chance of being a one-season hit that has completed its story arc within the span of a single run of episodes. 

While Dororo has been around for six decades now, the manga isn’t all that big or lengthy and instead focuses on a single-story arc and ends when it reaches its logical conclusion (unlike many amines that continue their runtime, building further on characters and side stories). As such, there isn’t that level of character development, backstory focus or any other plot-lengthening elements that could comprise Dororo season 2. To put it plainly, the source material has run out and has been utilized in its entirety during the run-time of one season. This makes for a compelling argument and case that a Dororo season 2 might not actually happen. 

What could justify a Dororo Season 2?

While the naysayers do make a compelling case for no season 2 of Dororo, there are still glimmers of hope for fans of the show. It is true that the source material has run out and that a season 2 would warrant creative input from the original writers and story writers. However, as it has been seen previously with many anime series, writers with an innate knowledge of the characters and story might be able to step in to create the content for a second season, building on the storyline of the original and at the same time, giving characters a more detailed back story, more character arcs and a detailed explanation and narration of the universe where Dororo takes place. If MAPPA does decide to do so, a second season might be in the works and we might see it in the following years. 

However, as you might’ve guessed, writing Dororo season 2 will not be a walk in the park, even for more seasoned writers. For one, the tone of the original manga and the adaptation was incredibly dark and intended for more mature audiences, capable of seeing through the plot of the saddening elements in the samurai’s life. It will be difficult to capture the same aura, the same tone and the same visceral feel of the original media. The writers will also have to bear in mind the complexities of the 21st century world and its anime watchers; everything now has to be politically-correct and in tune with the times we live in. This will make it difficult to carry on the story the same way as the original story writers intended it to go.

In a Nutshell

Dororo season 2 is a 50-50 chance; there might be a season 2 or there won’t be one at all. It all depends on the studio and how they chart out the future for the series and the viewers, fans of the series. Whatever the outcome, we do know that 2020-2021 season will not see the release of Dororo season 2. Here’s to hoping it gets released soon. 

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