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Land of the Lustrous Season 2 – Release Date

Many anime lovers, or as they would like to be called, otakus, have been waiting for a lot of sequels or continuations in the form of seasons. But the wait goes on and yet another series joins the waiting line; this time, it’s the hit anime series Land of the Lustrous (Japanese: Houseki no Kuni), which has its fans all around the world waiting for a season 2. While there is still no word or rumor’s of it flying around, right off the bat, there is a good chance that Land of the Lustrous season 2 will be released somewhere in 2021.

Land of the Lustrous is an anime series that deals with a unique storyline and conceptual existence; where instead of normal human beings, there are creatures known as Lustrous, who are described as the rare gemstones personified; humanoid figures resembling the gems.

The storyline follows Lustrous, who are in constant battle of survival against the Lunarians, the latter of whom want to kill them and use their bodies as decoration pieces, just like you would normally use gems as a showpiece or something to gawk at. The storyline is impressive and is expected that Land of the Lustrous season 2 will build more on the great story development and will further shed a light on the characters.

Is Land of the Lustrous Season 2 Going to be Released?

First things first. The usual fan chatter aside, Land of the Lustrous will get a season 2, owing mostly to two reasons. The first one being the very positive reception it got from anime fans worldwide and the second being the vast amount of source material (Houseki no Kuni manga) still waiting to be digitized and released for video consumption.

These two reasons are the main drivers of the hope that there will be a season 2 of Land of the Lustrous; because the production company and streaming platforms still have no date or even an official announcement that work on season 2 has commenced, so we’ll have to make do with that hope just.

Positive Reception of Land of the Lustrous:

The first reason that makes a Land of the Lustrous season 2 possible is the fact that the first season was very well-received and was hailed by commentators and the Japanese media industry as ‘one of the best of 2017’s anime releases’ and a ‘turning point for computer-generated anime series’.

Since many of the sequences filmed in the anime series were action-based and a lot of fight sequences were particularly emphasized on during the many episodes, animators and the intended audience were blown over by the animation style of the fight sequences and the overall animation, calling it one of the ‘most inventive and genre-defining anime in its time’.

The production and animation company responsible for much of the beloved animation style and the crisp production quality, Orange, was also credit for its use of 2D modelling and animation, which was initially a big risk with audience acceptance but nevertheless, the company managed to pull it off to make ‘one of the best-looking anime series for quite a while now.’ Click here to read more such articles.

Availability of Source Material:

The second reason which gives people hope that Land of the Lustrous season 2 will be released is the fact that unlike other anime series, whose source material or manga has been utilized and exhausted within the span of a single or two seasons, Houseki no Kuni manga is a solid 35 volumes long.

According to many estimations and fans of the series who are both familiar with the manga and the animated series, the first season took around 5 volumes worth of content to be formed into a complete season; as such, they still have 30 more volumes to go of Land of the Lustrous manga; which, if they take the same amount of content for a single season, computes to six seasons’ worth of manga that can be turned into an animated series. 

These two factors are very pertinent in ensuring that Land of the Lustrous season 2 gets made. As for when, let’s see what the denizens of internet chat boards and anime threads have to say about the Land of the Lustrous season 2 release date.

Land of the Lustrous Anime Season 2 Release Date

There’s no need to mince words or beat around the bush; while it isn’t exactly bad news, it’s not good news either. More like, news on the season 2 Land of the Lustrous. We have already established there is no reason or the production company Orange and online streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video to not bring a season 2 of the hit anime; there’s no reason for them to do so other than fall prey to yet another lengthy lockdown due to the ongoing pandemic.

If they decide to bring out the season 2 Land of the Lustrous, what date should we be expecting for the release? There are a lot of people out there waiting for a second season release date and they would like nothing more than an official word on it. Since there’s still no official word on it, so we’ll have to speculate, which is easy.

When is Season 2 of Land of the Lustrous Releasing?

Since there is not official announce date or even word that a Land of the Lustrous season 2 is under consideration, the release date many people and fans of the anime series are expecting for the release is in 2021; although the exact date of release is obviously unknown and can’t be singled down from 365 days, the most probable time of 2021 that the season 2 could be released would be mid-to-end 2021, which means that we could get a season 2 of Land of the Lustrous around fall-2021. 

However, do take this with a grain of salt. Unless the studio is planning on surprising the viewers with a season 2, it could take longer than anticipated since usually development on a series begins right after its announcement is made. And since the announcement isn’t made and could be made well into 2021, the development would take about a year or so, pushing the date back another couple of months, giving us a date of early-2022 to see the season 2 of Land of the Lustrous.

What can we Expect in Land of the Lustrous Season 2?

Like every other sequel or a second season, the story is expected to be given a more detailed overview and an even more continuation to the existing battles between the Lustrous and the Lunarians.

For one, Land of the Lustrous season 2 really needs to bring about a more detailed origin story of the wonderfully-thought out and well-crafted universe where Lunarians and Lustrous exist; while the first season only gives us a few markers as to how they came into being, the manga and the series should both capitalize on such a creation and should delve deeper into the origin of such a universe and how both parties have been sparring since the beginning of time. 

Land of the Lustrous season 2 should also explain in detail the origin and the backstory of many of these characters; especially of Phosphophyllite and Cinnabar, who share the title of series protagonist with each other.

While we do have a bit of history on the former, the season 2 really needs to debunk the mysteries behind Cinnabar and why is she guarding a secluded island? We could also see a history of the island itself, which seems interesting because it is the only piece of land secluded and not a point of contention between the two sparring parties. Season 2 Land of the Lustrous will chock-full of details should it be made and released for viewing. 

Land of the Lustrous plot

The plot is revolutionary and a pretty imaginative one, which pits the Lustrous against the Lunarians in a universe that is well-though out and fleshed out, with a bit of a backstory and a history on how the two parties came into being. While we have yet to see what the Land of the Lustrous season 2 has in store for us, the first season in itself was pretty good and gave other anime series a run for their money.

The first season follows the Lustrous and their ever-going battles against the Lunarians, the latter of which want to kill the humanoid gems and use them as decoration pieces (which is a pretty random motive but makes it all the more exciting and a treat to watch).

The first season introduces us to Phosphophyllite and how her weakness and fragility have led the Lustrous to reserve her for tasks like compiling encyclopedias; while she yearns to go to battle with the Lunarians like her fellows, she is not allowed to do so.

Phos (nickname for the main character) then meets another fellow named Cinnabar; an individual with the same yearnings for war and fight but she too, is reduced to a non-essential role. What follows is an epic journey of how the two forge a friendship and start doing various tasks to help win the war against the Lunarians.  

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