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How to Use u Torrent?

Watching movies for free today is no big deal. That’s because the advent of peer-to-peer file sharing and torrenting websites has made pirating an easy enough task for a 9-year-old kid to download a cracked version of GTA 5, play it and then keep it as a souvenir from an era rampant with torrenting and illegal filesharing.

But what good is a website with lots of healthy torrents and tons of pirated content when you can’t download it and use it? Fortunately, software like µTorrent and/or BitTorrent exist in the grey spaces between illegal and legal software, and it is this type of torrent-downloading clients that help us get from a 11kb .torrent file to a whole 3GB Blu-Ray movie. God bless this torrent protocol.

But the newbies and the ones who have just don their pirate hats and their eyepatches might ask how to use µTorrent? This passage will explain to you the ins and outs of torrent client software and how to use µTorrent to download games, movies, software and tons of other content for free.

µTorrent is one of the most easy-to-use and intuitive bit torrent client out there. There are many services and software that let you load a .torrent file and download the content; including the aptly and conveniently named BitTorrent and many browsers, however, none is as intuitive and easy-to-master as µTorrent.

With its green, very light interface, its non-threatening displays of actually very concerning messages and its really simple instructions make it a breeze to operate. How to use µTorrent? Just follow the two methods of using this software outlined below and we’ll have you sailing the grey waters in no time. Ahoy, matey!

What is µTorrent?

µTorrent is a bit torrent client that handles .torrent files and downloads the related data from many peers that share the file through the aforementioned protocol. This is why as an umbrella term, software, files and websites dealing with such stuff are termed as peer-to-peer sharing systems, which ensure that bit by bit, a complete file can be downloaded from various users having already downloaded the file for offline usage, which they upload for others to use.

You might call it online philanthropy, only the philanthropy is being done at the expense of gaming studios and developers losing their hard-earned money over pirating and movie studios losing precious revenue to such pirates. 

In short, µTorrent is a client software that takes .torrent files and downloads them for you. Without this software, all these websites, all these torrent files are useless since they can’t be downloaded by your computer or any other generic browser or software; programmes like µTorrent and BitTorrent use protocols that enable them to grab a 90GB file or more from a 11kb .torrent file downloaded off The Pirates Bay.

However, do take this with a grain of salt. While the presence of a bit torrent client handling software isn’t in itself a crime or considered piracy, but actively downloading and storing files ripped off of peer-to-peer sharing websites can and will land you in hot water.

This is because torrenting files is essentially stealing; in its more banal application, torrenting a movie or a game could be considered tantamount to stealing one from a shop or directly from the production house.

This is exactly why software like µTorrent have survived but affiliated websites have to change domains or switch platforms every now and then; because they are constantly on a run against Hollywood and anti-piracy laws in general. Click here to read more such articles.

µTorrent- How to Use?

As mentioned beforehand, this particular bit torrent client software is one of the most easy-to-use and intuitive torrent handlers on the market right now. µTorrent basically has two methods of loading a .torrent file, with one being the most used and the most simple, easy way of downloading the torrent while the other one is equally simple but requires some more clicks. So, without further ado, here are the two ways with which you can use µTorrent, but first, you have to download the software itself. Here goes. 

How to Install µTorrent:

Installing µTorrent software is as simple as it can get. Simply search for the software (µTorrent) on Google and the first result will return the official site from where you can download the torrent handler. The website gives you the choice of downloading it through your OS and which version you are using; for instance, a drop-down menu will give you options for the two major OS’ PC’s of today use.

There’s Microsoft Windows (with options starting from Windows 7 and going all the way up to 10) and Mac OS (all Macs use the same proprietary software). Simply choose yours from the list and download the executable file, which will install the setup and create desktop icons and user software of µTorrent. once the software has been installed, its time to go torrenting and pirating. 

Downloading Torrents Via Magnet Links:

The first and the most easiest way to use µTorrent to download torrents of games and movies is by using the magnet links to download a torrent. It goes like this. Whatever website you use to download .torrent files from the internet (The Pirates Bay, RARBG) contains a magnet icon and in some websites, a description with the icon stating ‘Download from magnet’.

Like the first lodestone discovered and used, magnet links are a wonderful way of attracting shiny, metal things like free movies and games. Once you have selected your file to be torrented, simply click on the magnet icon, which will the prompt the browser to allow access to µTorrent, which after pressing OK, will automatically begin the process.

The .torrent file will be loaded onto µTorrent itself and it will begin downloading as soon as contact with a peer is established, which is almost immediately after the µTorrent client gets a file in its directory. This is how simple it is.

Downloading Torrents the Other Way:

The second method of how to use µTorrent pertains to the more task-intensive method, which is not used much and is the only method used by people unaware of the magnet downloading method. This method involves downloading the entire .torrent file itself to the main Downloads section of your computer. You can download it by clicking on the file name itself on the torrenting website, which will initiate the download of the .torrent file. It is only a couple of KBs, so, 3 or 4 seconds is usually the time by which it is downloaded. Once there, access the file and double click on it, which will launch the file in µTorrent. If you don’t like to double click it, simply left-click on the file and click the ‘Open with… µTorrent’ option, which will again open the file in µTorrent handler and will start downloading the content once you check some boxes on the prompt on µTorrent itself. 

A third way, which is even more task-intensive, requires the user to access the µTorrent application and click on the upper left corner on the ‘New’ tab, which will then pull down a menu, asking the user which new file they want to load onto the software. From there, select ‘New Torrent File’ and select the file from the Browse menu. Double-click it or simply click ‘Enter’ on it and the file will be loaded on the software and will begin downloading as soon as peer-contact is established. 

How to Use µTorrent With VPN/ CyberGhost

While the software µTorrent itself does not require a VPN to be used during its own download or when downloading a .torrent file, accessing filesharing websites will require a VPN, since a majority of countries worldwide and ISPs (internet service providers) have blocked these sites and will not allow it to be accessed on the networking mainframe, which is why you first need to know to how to use CyberGhost with µTorrent or how to use µTorrent with VPN.

The process is simple enough. Accessing the website (like RARBG or The Pirates Bay) on a VPN will ensure 100 per cent connectivity and with installed VPN’s like CyberGhost, you can simply access the site on your browser without having to type in the name of the proxy first. Simply search it up and look up the movie or game you want to torrent and download it using the above-mentioned methods. Download and enjoy the game or movie.

How to Use µTorrent to Download Games

Suppose you like GTA 5 or want to try your hand on the newer games like Cyberpunk 2077 or the latest Devil May Cry. µTorrent is the best client software that you can use to download such games and play them without needing a Cd or buying a game from the official website or a disk from the retailer.

You can simply download it from the website, install it and play the game in a matter of hours (if your internet and download speed is fast enough). Simply access the website from which you want to download the .torrent file of the game and wait for the entire setup file to be downloaded. Once it is done, install it and enjoy your free, pirated game. 

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