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Devil May Cry 5 Torrent: Download Walkthrough

2019 saw the release of the latest entry in the famed Devil May Cry franchise. Titled Devil May Cry 5, it is a sequel to the 2008 hack-and-slash hit DMC 4. Released on March 8th, DMC 5 was available to be downloaded and played on Windows PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As of 2020 December, the game can also be played on PS5 and Xbox Series X thanks to reverse compatibility. However, the topic of today is Devil May Cry 5 PC torrent, which lets you play the game without shelling away a couple of bucks for the game. 

The game, which follows the return of the series’ main protagonist Dante and the return of another Devil May Cry favorite, Nero, comprises of the same action sequences that fans of the hack-and-slash series have come to master and love; racking up combos which then award the player a score based on how visually impressive the whole fight sequence was. The game was also released for Windows PC, which makes it possible that some good Samaritan out there ripped the game and put its torrent up for the rest of us to enjoy DMC 5 without spending money on it. With that being said, this passage will run you up to the Devil May Cry 5 game and how you can download, install and play a Devil May Cry 5 torrent.

Spoiler alert for the people still waiting for the Special or Definitive Edition of the game which elevates Vergil from NPC status to a playable character. This passage will spoil a lot of what happens in DMC 5.

Devil May Cry 5

Everyone’s favourite hack-and-slash game from Capcom, the legendary game publisher behind classics like Pac-Man or modern stunners like the Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry series follows Dante and (occasionally) his brother Vergil, who are both twin sons of the legendary demon king Sparda. Throughout the entire Devil May Cry series, Dante is pitted against demons looking to kill him, with each game ending with a climactic battle between Dante and Vergil, the latter of whom is driven by his greed for power that rivals that of their father and Dante, who is a genuinely good-natured person and helps humanity overcome the many difficulties caused to them by the hellish demons. 

Devil May Cry 5 follows the same game storyline and the same plot, but with the return of Nero from DMC 4 and of course, the long-standing essential to DMC games that is Vergil. However, the story is different this time in the sense that the player starts the game with Nero, who hunts for the demon lord Urizen and is later joined by Dante himself, who awakens from a lengthy coma to help his (game-suggested) nephew. The duo is constantly attacked and their attempts thwarted by a mysterious shrouded figure known as V, who later turns out to be the physical manifestation of the evil side of Vergil.

After the battles have been fought and Dante reveals to Nero and Vergil about their unbeknownst relationship, they put aside their differences to put an end to a demonic tree threatening the existence of Reg Grave City (which itself is a play on the alias Dante uses frequently, Tony Redgrave). However, the story ends unlike all the previous instalments of the series; where usually Dante and Vergil would fight and the former would overpower the latter, Devil May Cry 5 ends with both brothers going down to the real to uproot the tree from existence and end the plight once and for all. Click here to read more such articles.

How to Download Devil May Cry 5 PC Torrent 

Since the game has been released for Windows PC, therefore, there is a good chance that a torrent file to download DMC 5 will be available on all the major torrenting and file-sharing websites. A quick search for Devil May Cry 5 torrent for PC on Google returns some promising results, which means that the game can be played on PC without having to pay money to play it or buying a CD. 

First off, many sites, including The Pirates Bay and RARBG host game files to be download and shared from peer-to-peer. Searching for the term reveals that the game is available for download on The Pirates Bay, which has good seeders and less leechers. Since many torrenting websites are illegal and cannot be accessed right away from your browser (unless it supports .onion files), you will need a proxy to open and access the website. Once done, all you have to do is search and locate the Devil May Cry 5 PC torrent and download it.

Once you have downloaded the torrent file, you will need to load it up on a bit-torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent, which will then start downloading the game’s main file or setup. Since the game is pretty extensive and heavy (in terms of memory usage) and clocks in at somewhere between 35 to 40GB, you can expect the download to take some time, during which you can clean out your PC of any other extra files that may hinder the download of such a heavy file. 

Once you’ve downloaded the file and the setup is ready to be installed, don’t forget to give back to the community that has given us so much and seed the torrent for as long as you can (it doesn’t take much of your resources and other people like yourselves can really benefit from it). Make sure you have either an .iso file decoder (like Daemon Tools) or WinRAR that unpacks .zip files.

This is because 99 per cent of all files downloaded from these sources are repacked or are compressed to fit; which is why these files are in these formats. For .iso files (which a good majority of game files are converted into for availability on torrent downloads), you have to simply insert a virtual disk onto the software like Daemon Tools and run it, creating a setup and other source files which can then be used to install the game itself. 

For .zip file of your Devil May Cry 5 torrent, simply download and click it to start the extraction process via WinRAR. Select where you want the files to be extracted and wait for the unpacking, which will get you to the ‘Install Setup’ step. Enjoy the game after that!

Devil May Cry 5 Update 

As of December 2020, an update or a DLC has been announced for Devil May Cry 5, which follows suit with what Capcom always does with this series. While the game was released back in March 2019, the DLC was announced in September 2020 and will be released digitally by the end of the year or in early January 2021.

The update, which builds more on the already great storyline of DMC 5, includes a playable Vergil, with his own storyline and gives players a proper ending with a proper arc; since the game ended by showing the two brothers entering another realm to completely cut off the roots of the tree that is putting Redgrave City in peril, the DLC, which will be bundled with the new release called Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, will show the events after the finish of the game and as such, will not show Nero or any of his supporting characters who make an entrance in almost every DMC game (except for the 2013 re-boot titled DmC: Devil May Cry) including Lady and Trish. The DMC update will follow the brothers Dante and Vergil as they navigate to the roots of the tree, encountering many demons and bosses which they will eventually defeat to complete the story. But there is a catch with the update. 

Devil May Cry 5 Update for PS4/ Xbox One

Since the update is being bundled up for the new-gen consoles, many gamers and fans of the DMC 5 who bought it and play it on PS4 or the Xbox One have expressed their apprehension regarding the release of the new content and whether they would be able to play it. Capcom has confirmed that while the complete list of changes and additions won’t be released for players still on the last-gen, loyal fans of the series and PS4/ Xbox One players will get Vergil as a playable character and all of his skins for a nominal price, which will be available in-store for digital download. 

Devil May Cry 5 Update for PS5/ Xbox Series X

Devil May Cry 5 will get a makeover and a polished combat system to fully utilize the possibilities of next-gen hardware, which includes the DMC 5 update, making you able to play as Vergil and complete the story with two playable characters in the penultimate chapter.

Devil May Cry 5 Update Torrent

The update for PC will also be limited to just Vergil being a playable character and some accompanying skins for the two characters. As for the Devil May Cry 5 update torrent for PC, the file will take some time to appear on filesharing websites owing to the release date from Capcom itself and the time it will take a person to upload the file for peer-to-peer sharing. 

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