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The Joker Torrent – Watch Movie for Free

 The Joker  is a 2019 movie, directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro, which follows the titular character and his descent to full-blown insanity, which fuels a counter-culture and a class struggle revolution in the fictional city of Gotham.

Described as a superhero movie for the decaying 21st century and the creation of Batman from the Joker’s viewpoint, the psychological thriller has remained engrained in the PC culture of late 2010’s and has earned a whopping $1.07 billion from sales, to become one of the most talked-about and the most commercially successful film of 2019.

Want to get in on the hype but can’t watch it in cinemas or Netflix? Don’t worry, because you have the Joker torrent, which will allow you to watch the movie for free and download it for later viewing.

Joker remains one of the most controversial and successful psychological thrillers and comic films of all times; controversial due to its portrayal of violence, mental illnesses and its horrifyingly accurate depiction of the degradation that the 21st century society is facing.

The film, which resonated with audiences worldwide, grossed well over a billion dollars on a measly budget of nearly $80 million, making it one of the most successful ventures for DC Comics and Warner Brothers from a comic movie. Since its release in October 2019, the film has gone on to spawn many memes, commentary on its themes and many spoofs and real-life events depicting or triggered by Joker and the character’s persona.

Since cinemas aren’t showing it anymore and not everyone has the luxury of using Netflix, you can take the pirate’s route and download the Joker movie torrent. Here’s how. Click here to read more articles.

When will the Joker be Available on Torrent?

When will the Joker be Available on Torrent-Thatviralfeedcdn

As explained beforehand, Joker was released in Fall 2019, more specifically in October, so, torrents are readily available and are healthy enough to be downloaded in a matter of minutes; since the movie is relatively new and still holds a lot of interest and viewing potential among younger audiences and people looking to see for themselves what the hype was all about, you can find Joker torrents with healthy seeders and peers and a low amount of leechers, which translates to a lightning fast download.

Sites like The Pirates Bay and RARBG still host the Joker torrent in all formats and qualities, whereas more dedicated sites like YIFY torrents contain the movie in only 720p, 1080p or Blu-Ray. So, your choice of Joker torrent also depends on the viewing quality you want.

Just remember to keep on doing the good deed yourselves and keep it seeding on your PC to spread the goodwill around. The Joker torrent has been available on all major filesharing and torrent websites since late October 2019.

How to Download the Joker Torrent

How to Download the Joker Torrent-Thatviralfeedcdn

First off, you need to find a peer-to-peer filesharing websites that has the Joker torrent available with a healthy amount of seeders and peers and a low number of leachers. This will ensure that your download goes as smooth as possible and is not affected by the non-availability of peers sharing the file with you.

Since the movie is relatively new and interest hasn’t waned down a bit, you can easily find healthy Joker movie torrents on sites like The Pirates Bay, RARBG or YIFY torrents. 

Accessing the above-mentioned site is also a task. While many can only be accessed with the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a proxy server, many torrenting websites can be accessed on the browser without any intermediary server; sites like RARBG and YIFY can be accessed without any proxy of VPN server.

Either way, once you have accessed the website, simply search the term ‘Joker’ and browse for what quality and subtitles you want from the movie. Do make sure that the Joker movie torrent you will download has more seeders than leachers. Otherwise, the download speed will be poor. 

After selecting the torrent, simply click on the magnet link (denoted by a magnet, what else), which will prompt your browser to allow the torrent-downloading client software (like uTorrent or BitTorrent) installed on your PC to grab the file and start downloading it. Simply click ‘Allow’ and you’re all set. You can now download Joker movie torrent and watch it for free and on your own PC.

A Word of Advice Before Downloading Joker Torrent

A Word of Advice Before Downloading Joker Torrent-Thatviralfeedcdn

Like many before this and till we are done with torrenting for good, there will be alerts and people telling the internet that content piracy is bad. As a matter of fact, pirating movies, games or other entertainment stuff is the same as plagiarizing a book report and is tantamount to stealing, which is what essentially pirating is (where else do you think the name comes from).

It is essentially stealing content from the retailer, the studio and the distribution company behind it, robbing them of the well-deserved money they were supposed to put in their already-overflowing coffers. You’d think that after a billion dollars, they would throw a bone to the freeloaders of the world and make the movie free to download, but no, they want that money too, apparently. 

The thing about torrent is that whatever people might say, it is illegal, and for a good reason. Just like you wouldn’t like if someone were to copy your stuff without giving due intellectual rights or reimbursements, you’d feel enraged too, to the point of litigation. This is exactly what torrent does; robbing studios, actors and directors of their recognition, money and whatnot. So, before downloading Joker movie torrent, keep that in mind.

Joker Movie Plot

Joker follows Arthur Fleck, a struggling stand-up comedian and a part-time clown, who suffers from mental disorders and routinely fantasizes about being successful, whether its his career or his relationship with the neighbor two doors over.

After being treated shabbily by people of the upper echelon of the society, he descends into a spiral of madness and insanity, that sees him inadvertently spearhead a class revolution and a takeover of Gotham by the lower strata of the society, with the climax scene showing a random Gotham citizen sporting a Joker mask killing Thomas and Martha Wayne, essentially creating Batman in the process. It’s a masterfully-crafted story and deserves a look; with the Joker movie torrent.

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