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Pocket Knife – The EDC Blade

Pocket Knife – The EDC Blade

The pocket knife is a knife that belongs to the knives family and is one of its vital types where the other one is the fixed blade knife. The knife is called a pocket one because they have a mechanism in them that allows them to be folded. 

Two types fall under the category of the pocket knives; one is spring assisted ones that are automatic in nature as their blade opens and closes just with the push of a button. In contrast, the other ones are the manual ones that require you to manually drag out and push in the blade with your fingers. 

It is obvious that the spring ones are the best because they are quick and safe. The whole idea behind developing the pocket blades was to give everyone a tool that they could easily carry and use on the move. You get to keep them within your pockets without being harmed. 

Unique Types of Pocket Knives for Sale 

The pocket knives for sale that you get to find today are amazing. They are amazing because of so many options they come in. This enables everyone to quickly decide which one to go for. Let us take a look at a few offerings:

  • Spring & Manual Knives

As stated above, the spring and manual knives are two key types of the Pocket Knife where all other knives fall under them. The spring ones are automatic, whereas the other requires you to use them with your fingers for opening them. This is the reason why the spring ones are more popular as compared to the manual knives. If you are a newbie, you should pick the spring knives. 

  • Karambit Knives

The karambit is considered to be the best pocket knife to be eve made, and there are several reasons behind it being in the top weapons. The blade is a historic one as it was first bought into use by people of South Asia for the purpose of farming. Their women kept the blades in their hair as it proved quite lethal in the fighting. It has a unique blade that is totally different from regular knives. It is curved, which makes it effective. These are the reasons why the karambit knives are considered to be the best knives in the business. 

  • Military Knives

You may have seen many war type movies or movies that involve a lot of fighting. One common weapon that is used in these movies is the military blade, which is a real-life weapon used by the military. They have special blades and the best grips, and the weapon is created for fighting and protection purposes. As the weapon has the finest blade and smoothest grips, it proves to be the best for people concerned about their safety. You can even have it at your home for the protection of your families. 

  • Stiletto Knives

The stiletto knives are historical knives for sale that date back to the Italian medieval period. They were used by the knights as a secondary weapon and were the best for stabbing opponents. They were the best for stabbing because they had sharp-pointed blades that were capable of tearing anything apart with ease. Being historical, they are ideal for collection purposes. 

  • Rainbow Knives

The rainbow knives can be found under the collection of cool pocket knives. They are cool knives that are known for the rainbow color they come with. The blade could be colored, the handle could be colored, or in some cases, you get to find weapons that are overall rainbow-colored. The rainbow shines brightly in the daylight, which gives the knives an attractive look. They are the best for adding to a weapon collection or for showing off in a friend circle.

  • Straight Razor

A straight razor is a dual-purpose tool that can be used for the purpose of shaving, and it can also be used for keeping you safe with the sharp blade it has. The tool suits office going people who need to be in a rush 24/7. It can easily get folded, and you can move around with it by keeping it in your pockets. 

  • Tactical Knives

Tactical knives are knives that are intended to help you out in all your tactical tasks, which could be hunting, fighting, and even cutting. They are styled in a way that makes them best for these functions. If you love outdoor adventures, these are the knives that you really need. 

  • Branded Knives

Talking about the branded knives collection, this is the place where you get to find top pocket knives that are offered by some big names in the weapon industry. The MTech knives and the elk ridge knives are known for creating long term usable knives, the tac force knives are the best when it comes to tasks that involve tactics, and finally, the dark side blades and the z hunter knives are the best in creating solid fantasy type weapons. Whatever blade you pick from the branded collection, you will be happy due to their long-lasting ability. 

Is it illegal to Walk Around with a Pocket Knife?

Walking with the weapon in your pockets is not illegal at all, as it is the use that matters. If you are using the weapon for your safety, you will be good to go; however, you will be getting into problems if you intend to harm anyone on purpose. 

Uses of the Knives

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The use of knives is ages old. They have been in daily action for quite a long time, ever since the first person landed on Earth. The common and popular use of the knives is that of keeping you safe, and that is what they were designed for. 

You can easily protect yourself as the weapon can be carried with you anywhere. You can even have one at home for the safety of your loved family. Apart from the self-safety use of the weapon, it is a great tool to be added to your weapon collection. 

The many types of knives available can add an appealing look to your collection. You can even give them to loved ones. The knives can also be used to cut things at home and even in the wilds. They have the best blades that make all cutting tasks easy. 

Hunting is another thing that can be done with knives. You can rip apart anything with ease with the weapon in hand. All knives are also accompanied by a sheath to prevent accidents from happening. 

Buy the Knives at Best Deals

Knives are not only great because of the uses and types enlisted in the above sections, but they are also great because of the fantastic pricing deals they come with. You can purchase the cheap knives for using them yourself or benefit from buying the wholesale knives in bulk. 

You get to make easy money by buying the knives in bulk. They can be found easily at weapon and knife stores around the country, or you can even go on to purchase them online from stores like the PA Knives. Check out their offerings and buy your pocket knife today.

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