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How to Protect Yourself from Online Shopping Frauds?

As an online product consumer, most people like to browse through multiple sites or products online. The trend of online shopping has reached a new height in recent times. Also, with the rapid spread of deadly Covid-19, most things are digitised and have been reaching customers in a new way. Different businesses and products have reached a vast section of customers that were earlier unaware of the online dealings. On the other hand, specific sites take advantage of and promote fraud online shopping websites.

Fraud Online Shopping Websites:

Multiple scammers in the web world are most probably pretending to be your real online seller with either fake websites or have fake ads that make the consumers believe that they are the real sellers. It is easier to get confidential details of multiple people and compromise their security at every angle. Most fraud online shopping websites make sure they get each detail from the customer prior commitments.

  • What is Online Shopping Fraud?

Scammers use the latest technologies to get hold of the customer’s attention by adding sophisticated logos and also domain names. Most common is the method of payment where the site may ask you to pay through uncommon methods or direct transfer in fraud online shopping sites.

The next step these days is setting up fraud online shops that are available for a few days after receiving payments from a certain amount of customers the portals disappear and are nowhere to be found.

Most people do not know what online shopping fraud and fall for the traps in these sites is.

  • How to Prevent Online Shopping Fraud:

There are multiple ways by which a consumer or customer can check whether the online seller is genuine or whether the company he promotes is registered. There are a few tips for customers on how to prevent fraud online shopping:

  1. Make sure you check the identity of the seller.
  2. Reviews of the other customers also play an essential role on the seller’s website that creates a genuine impact.
  3. A simple site will not ask you much information about your statements, therefore keep checking your status or statements regularly.
  4. Each website has a privacy policy that one must always read before making commitments.
  • What can one do when scammed:

online shopping scam

If a customer shop online for home & kitchen and has been in the trap of online shopping fraud, what one can do is file complaints online on the specifically mentioned sites. The first thing one can do is contact the retailer or seller. Most sellers disappear after charging you with a lot of money that may not get transferred back to you. Online shopping fraud complaints can easily register and monitor the trends that have happened to the customer.

Specific scam pages make sure that they warn users to keep themselves protected from the risk of fraud online shopping. All current scams are monitored and also includes details of the already caught sites that register online shopping frauds complaints.

  • Complaint Against Online Shopping Fraud:

If one has problems in registering or having transaction issues check out the following issues:

  1. File a complaint at the Federal Trade Commission or on their website to file a direct complaint.
  2. One can also check out more information at your state attorney general on the
  3. One can also check out the phone book blue pages of the country or state government and look under the section where they can file a complaint against online shopping fraud.
  4. User-friendly websites are less likely to have issues related to online shopping fraud.
  • Online Shopping Fraud Statistics:

According to the studies it is found that several consumers who were victims of online shopping fraud have fallen to a meagre rate where customers have been targeted and also have financial losses up to a very high rate. The cybercriminals are getting more and more chances and grab the attention of targeted clients who are most of the time easy prey.

Comparing the results of the previous years, the risk of fraud online shopping has decreased as more people are now aware of the crimes happening and also increased complaints against online shopping frauds are now high.

Multiple thefts are happening all over the world starting from credit card frauds, multiple identity thefts, telephone frauds, business or personal loans in the name of customers along with lease and auto loans. Online shopping fraud statistics have a new height in today’s data analysis; therefore, staying updated is a must.

  • Preventing Online Shopping Frauds:

Fraud Online Shopping Websites-thatviralfeedcdn

URL codes are essential in whichever website you choose, a site without a code are fraud online shopping sites that do not have any protection against the transaction method that you choose. Fraud online shops demand money in wrong ways that hamper your bank accounts directly. The criminals get easy access to your bank details. Front-up payments via money orders are another method of looting money from clients easily. The money once given is not quickly recovered this way, all one can do is file online shopping fraud complaints against the site or even the fraud online shops that demand such money.

Online shopping frauds complaint is not the only solution as receiving money is not possible at all once it is out from the account. Complaints against online shopping frauds take up a certain amount of time and also multiple procedures are involved that make the consumer more impatient. Hence, it is always essential to know what online shopping fraud is before making any commitment to any fraud online shopping sites.

The risk of fraud online shopping is very high with new technologies coming up and modern ways of shopping. Online shopping for products like fashion, beauty & grooming and toys have more chances of being fraud. Online shopping fraud is not just familiar with small websites but also smaller websites that have short hikes among the customers. Therefore, one should always know how to prevent fraud online shopping by staying updated with online shopping fraud complaints and also know online shopping fraud statistics that are updated online at all times.

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