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How to construct your Essay for Academic Success?

An essay; easy and simple but demands dedication to make it happen and make it good. Essays can even seem scary to many people. Take Essay Writing Help If Needed.

Whether you are writing an essay for school, college, University, or any other purpose, crafting an effective one requires good planning, articulate writing, and careful revision.

To construct an essay for academic success, the main aspects to be taken care of are good research on the topic and good presentation of information.

It won’t do any good if you do the best research and have interesting ideas to put on paper but you can’t articulate them in a linear narrative; right? To bridge the gap between these two, having a well planned writing process and clear end goals helps a lot.

What makes an essay amazing and gets you better grades?:

What makes an essay amazing and gets you better grades-thatviralfeedcdn

  • Focus : A good essay has a clear central idea around which it is to be weaved. The main thesis statement of your essay should be established before you start working on it so that you know what to search for, what information to present and what to exclude, and how to present the necessary information.
  • Expansion of the theme : Each paragraph should present a particular point which expands the main thesis statement of the essay. Furthermore, each paragraph should have a thesis statement of its own, so that it doesn’t deviate from the theme.

Each point can of course be broken down into several paragraphs if the content to be covered is long. Support each point or argument with relevant examples and illustrate it with details and description.

  • Connecting dots : Each paragraph or each point/argument should be connected to the main point or thesis statement of the essay. You should clearly show how each of them are relevant to the theme and where each piece of information belongs in the whole puzzle.
  • Coherence : The flow of information should be logical and smooth throughout the essay. Transitions between the paragraphs should be clear such that the narrative moves forward without any gaps or confusion. It shouldn’t feel like a chapter was skipped while reading a story.
  • Language : The language you use should be comprehensible to your target audience and the essay should be written in a formal or casual depending upon the type of essay you are writing.

A personal essay or a narrative essay can be written in a casual tone, whereas an argumentative essay, expository essay, etc. should be written in a formal tone. Spellings and grammar should be correct; sentence construction and punctuations should be used appropriately. Online assignment help can enhance your essay writing skills quickly.

How to research for your essay?:

  • Understand the given topic/question(s) properly and perform a research to get general information about it. While doing so, take notes about the important points.
  • From the gathered information, brainstorm a few ideas and narrow them down to a specific thesis statement.
  • Research around your thesis statement from trustworthy sources and take notes of all the important information. Also mention the source details in your notes in case you have to write citations.
  • Organize your notes into sections and categories and arrange the sections into a sequence in which you want to present the information.
  • Create an outline for the essay’s body based on that.

Writing the essay:

An essay’s structure is rather simple as it has only three main parts – an introduction, a body, a conclusion/summary.

In the introduction, state your thesis statement and provide some background information on the topic so that the readers know what is in store for them. Give enough context so that the readers won’t get confused later on in the essay. Smoothly transition your introduction to the next paragraph

In each paragraph, present a particular point supported by relevant examples and backed by evidences if needed. As mentioned above, maintain a smooth flow of information and a well sequenced narrative. Make sure the readers don’t feel lost at some point. Use transition sentences to move smoothly from one paragraph to another.

Keep your conclusion short – one or two paragraphs should be enough. Summarize the whole essay and restate your thesis statement in light of the arguments/statements presented. Address any counter arguments and state unanswered questions for the readers to ponder upon.

Proofread and edit:

Proofread and edit-thatviralfeedcdn

Proofreading and editing is crucial to the academic success of your essay. Do not submit your essay without proofreading and editing it. Ideally, after writing the essay, sleep over it and then go back to it with a fresh perspective.

While doing so, keep the following things in mind and edit accordingly.

  • Edit for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Remove unnecessary information that isn’t relevant to your topic.
  • Change confusing sentences and phrase them better.
  • Add any missing information.
  • Make sure there are proper transitions between paragraphs.
  • Read your essay aloud and identify anything that sounds strange – modify it accordingly.

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