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What is Ductless Downflow Workstations, and why is it used?

Have you ever heard about the cupboards that are used to protect the environment and user from hazardous vapors? The hazardous vapors that are produced on the work surface can are quite harmful to the user as well as the environment. The Ductless Downflow Workstations are the ductless fume cupboards that are specially designed to protect the environment and users of it.

In simple words, the Ductless downflow workstations are the standalone cabinets whose work filters the contaminated air by using the HEPA/ULPA filters or activated carbon filters to detain the impure and harmful particulates and vapors that gets generated on the work surface.

There are many different types of ductless fume hoods, but the main purpose of all types is to clear the environment by filtering the air. All types of ductless fume hoods have different designs and depend on their design; each work differently to protect the user, process, and the environment. There are unlimited places where ductless fume hoods are used that include forensics, microscopy, education, scientific research, manufacturing, histology, and pharmaceutical production.

Here, in this article, we will gain knowledge on different features of the Ductless Downflow Workstation, which are as follows:

  • Filter Door Key

The amazing feature of the filter door key put a stop to accidental exposure and illicit removal of dirty filters. This is one of the best ways to keep the working environment clean and dust-free.

  • Controls

The Ductless Downflow Workstations have electronic displays and controls. It has started and stops buttons, and the display is electronic that allows you to touch and change the settings of fume hoods.

  • Work Surface

The users are provided with two different ways of fitting the internal work surface that include a stainless steel tray and polypropylene. You can choose according to your way of working and interiors and get it fitted.

  • Pre-Filter

The pre-filter of ductless fume hoods works by trapping the harmful vapors and particulates that make their way to the carbon filter. This prevents the carbon filter from getting damaged and helps in the easy removal of particulates.

  • Filter I.D. Window

The Filter I.D. The window allows the users to supervise and choose the date of installation for convenient and timely replacements of the filter. You don’t need to set a reminder or anything as you will get a message once it reaches the installation date.

  • Hinged Front Sash

Hinged Front Sash does the work of protecting the content that may come into contact with external contaminants and isolates the air in the environment.

Specialty Designs of Ductless Fume Hoods

Specialty Designs of Ductless Fume Hoods-Thatviralfeedcdn

Some of the ductless fume hoods are designed especially for multifaceted applications. The range of multifaceted applications is from “Green” building prerequisites to filtering out nanoparticles in educational demonstrations. All the different ductless hoods are designed with a set of features and requirements that must match. Let us know more about them:

Green Ductless Fume Hoods

Green Ductless Fume Hoods-Thatviralfeedcdn

The laboratory planners are concentrating on accomplishing the LEED credits for laboratory upgrades or new construction. This type of ductless fume hoods contributes to LEED credits in the indoor environment, atmosphere, and energy by providing quality. The fume hoods obtain quite less energy and provide the pure and powerful filtration of hazardous vapors.

Educational Ductless Fume Hoods


The ductless fume hoods are designed specifically to utilize in educational areas where mobility and visibility are the main requirements. The fume hoods of educational areas are designed to allow 360-degree visibility of side, rear, and front walls. The educational fume hoods are also referred to as containment workstations that are designed specially to protect the environment and users from harmful vapors. The benefits of educational fume hoods are countless.

Nanoparticle Containment Solutions

Many areas like pharmaceutical, aerospace, academic, and research applications involve some methods that produce vapors, particulates, and especially nanoparticles. The range of nanoparticles is from 1nm to 100nm, which are supposed to even pass through carbon filters. The ductless fume hoods work by capturing the nanoparticles and endow with better-quality containment by utilizing the feature of dual filters. The nanoparticle containment fume hoods are built that uses the mishmash of HEPA/ULPA and carbon filtration to capture the normal particles and nanoparticles.

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