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Lip fillers: Revolutionizing the aesthetic industry

Your face reflects your personality; it is the first thing people notice in you, how you look, how you smile, how you talk, everything is part of your character.  Every individual has exceptional features different from other beings. Your genetic traits are accountable for the way you look. However, with advancements in technology, you can now change your appearance; either you want to increase your cheek volume, enhance your skin tone, or increase your lips; everything is possible now. Some people want to accentuate their lips or create facial balance; there are so many injection and surgical treatments that allow you to become more attractive in your eyes and others’ eyes.

Lip fillers are being one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, and their trend is rapidly Increasing. If you are not happy with your asymmetrical lips or want to make them more appealing, you can change their shape and size with lip fillers and make them look more attractive. Studies have shown lip size in women to be a key to attraction.  Lips are big business, and women are ready to pay as much as it takes to get their lips done.  Lips fillers cost starts from 500$ to 1000$; lip fillers Indiana can range up to 595$ per syringe for Juvederm and Restylane while Radiesse is up to 800$ per syringe.  Here are some of the reasons why females are drawn towards lip augmentation.

Look younger

Just like the skin, lips also start to lose their full look with increasing age. The purpose of the skin losing its elasticity is that collagen of skin naturally wears down over time, which leaves excess skin hanging there, forming wrinkles. Lip augmentation helps to recreate the old natural look of the lips like before. Although thinning of lips is not related to old age, women start to feel the change in their bodies with life. These injections can help them to seek extra help in getting a younger look and maintain their attractiveness.

Wrong shape

Another reason for attempting lips augmentation is to change the shape of the lips. You may feel like your one lip is far different than the other or both lips seem very flat. Lip augmentation allows you to add curve and roundness to your lips. Lip liners and other cosmetics are temporary fixes, while lips fillers last long and work well.



A significant number of women choose these facial anesthetic treatments to get the look they desire. They want to look attractive and desirable. When you are getting ready to go to a wedding or a party, it’s very normal to enhance your look. If losing weight for upcoming event is acceptable, then what’s the hesitation in getting lip injections to enhance your look. The treatment can help you gain confidence; it does not matter if people like your look or not; what matters is that you like your personality. If you feel that getting lip augmentation will make you look beautiful and authentic, there is no objection.

Status symbol

For a very long-time plastic surgery was a kind of embarrassing secret, and people used to keep it an undisclosed thing, but in todays world, society has made you realize that it’s so silly to hide your cosmetics choice. Plastic surgery has now become a status symbol and a way to display your physical wealth. How much you spend on your appearance symbolizes how hard you are trying to stay attractive, which is very appreciative.

Because you like it

Lip injection trend is very common everywhere, and women don’t need a reason to get their lips done. They can get lips fillers if they want to feel their best. It’s the women’s choice to decide how she wants to look and which tools she should use to feel empowered. If you think lips fillers are right for you, do some research and give them a shot.

Choosing the type of injections

The most common fillers used for injection require small incisions in the lips. There are multiple ways people can choose to mutate their lips; therefore, it is important first to understand the choice. Collagen is the most common type of lip filler. However, its use has been decreased to a great extent because it does not last very long and can cause allergic reactions.

The most common fillers being used widely are Hyaluronic acid filler injections. Hyaluronic acid is a gel-like substance that is created from bacteria. Injecting this filler will make your lips appear thick; these fillers are absorbed slowly and can be thickened and thinned according to your desire.   

Temporary lips fillers

Temporary lips fillers-thatviralfeedcdn

Temporary fillers are very popular among people as they work best for people who are not looking for an extensive change in their lips. These fillers can enhance the lip line; they are more affordable the other forms of lip augmentation.  The people who are not looking for an invasive surgical procedure to enhance their lips are the best candidates for these fillers.

Before and after lip augmentation

When you make up your mind about getting lip fillers, it is important to search cosmetic surges and select a certified cosmetic surgeon to do cosmetic procedures on your lips. The people who have received lip implants before can help you decide whether you want to choose a permanent option for your lips of just a temporary one. You can compare the pictures of patients before and after implantation to get a clear idea of the type of enhancement you want.

After getting a lip implant, the patient can use ice packs to control the swelling and get back to work 48 hours after surgery. Patients can expect swollen lips more they want in the starting weeks of implants. However, after a few weeks, the swelling decreases. Avoid laughing, smiling and plenty of talking during the first week of injections. Recovery time can range from one to two weeks. The ointment may be required on the areas of incisions.

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