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Why do all Universities need to adopt LMS based teaching?

During this ongoing pandemic situation, the existing conventional methods of teaching and learning have been of no use. Those universities who were already using online exam software and other LMS tools were at a benefit but the ones stuck to the traditional teaching methods went through a rough time.


Learning Management System (LMS) is exclusively designed software that enables the educator to deliver course content through an interactive medium of images and videos. When an online examination platform is integrated with LMS, then it also becomes effective in tracking and measuring the student’s progress on an individual level.

Universities that are looking forward to innovation and technological enhancements in their academic curriculum must accept LMS, as it is useful not just for teachers but also for the learners and stakeholders as well. In this article, we will discuss some of the top reasons why universities should integrate LMS and streamline their whole academic process.

Registration/admission and on-boarding

For any university admissions and onboarding is a cumbersome task that takes a lot of time and manpower if done manually. Some of the most common problems are easily solved when LMS is used.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

LMS provides highly interactive, customizable, and flexible solutions to seamlessly onboard new users, making them avail all the study material on-demand, virtually. The virtual study material is easy to access from anywhere at any time, proving better flexibility to the learners as well.

  • Interactive Learning

With the advent of technologies such as online teaching platform, that is also a significant part of LMS; educators have got innovative means to boost learner’s engagement. The concept of virtual/augmented reality has opened interactive means to make learning more immersive and an improved experience for all. 

  • Easy to integrate

LMS is easy to integrate technology that seamlessly blends with any existing learning system. It’s certain features such as single global sign up and easy sharing of learning content makes it apt to be used for learners residing anywhere across the globe. Also, it has enhanced security in terms of content safety and payment gateways.

  • Student progress

Tracking student progress is the whole idea behind the education system as this is the most significant part of teaching and learning. With LMS it becomes easy to track student progress because of the detailed test report and easy to create/conduct assessment features.

Performance Booster

An online examination platform is one of the many parts of the comprehensive LMS system which helps in creating fast, easy and accurate assessments and conducting them without any paper wastage.

  • Assessments

Online exam software comes integrated with built-in features that help in creating, conducting, and evaluating customized assessments, tests, and quizzes in just a few simple clicks. They also have tools that help in keeping a track of every student’s progress.

  • Courses

Courses are important for any type of university or educational institution. LMS has got a lot of scope to create interactive courses which include videos, images, audio recordings, etc. This keeps the learners more in connection with their academic curriculum, engaging them to perform better. Moreover, the course links are easy to download on any device such as a computer, mobile phone, and tablet which keeps the process smooth and simple.

  • Resources

LMS is a comprehensive tool for easy access to all types of study material and resources such as quizzes, instructional videos, images, diagrams, surveys, etc. This empowers students to plan their study sessions according to their own choice and time availability.

  • Quizzes and tests

Educators can create interactive quizzes and tests in just a few hours and regularly assess their learners for a regular update on performance improvement.

Advanced Proctoring

Performance Booster-thatviralfeedcdn

The online assessment is a big part of LMS and to safeguard its integrity remote proctoring software has been integrated with LMS, becoming one of the most wanted Ed-tech tools of 2020.

Online proctoring software lets an administrator conduct secure online exams from any remote location. The test can be attempted by the candidates from any location all that is required is a laptop, webcam, mic, and good internet connectivity. Online proctoring software assures a secure test-taking environment through the following features-

  • Audio-video real-time view
  • Audio-video recording
  • Candidate authentication
  • Screen freeze
  • Secure Browsing

Personalized Learning

A Learning Management System can be implemented to create tailored learning pathways for every individual learner according to his/her requirement. This type of educational approach creates goal-based learning which is more motivating and effective.


The pandemic situation taught us many things and one of them was to embrace virtual educational platforms as a mainstream teaching/learning source. So, it’s about time that we abandon the concept of online exam software and other eLearning tools as an option and start considering it as a necessity.

Online exam software, online teaching platform, and remote proctoring software along with online courses, performance reports, and assignments create a major part of the LMS system. With all these features of LMS educators, teachers, and trainers of not just Universities but any educational body can make learning simple, effective, scalable, and adaptive.

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