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What are the Mistakes you should Avoid as a Cryptocurrency Investor?

Investing in cryptocurrencies when the time is right needs research, insights, and knowledge. Cryptocurrency investment will be profitable if you know about different investment methodologies, market movements, economic situations, and most importantly luck.

When compared to forex and other stock markets, currently we can say that the cryptocurrency market is moving ahead with great speed. Since the cryptocurrency market is prone to volatility, it is very much possible to make huge profits in a short time and vice versa.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a high-risk process; as the market is dominated by volatility and market fluctuations. Without considering this factor, people who have invested in cryptocurrencies have lost money rather than generating profits. Below given are some of the common mistakes that should be avoided while investing in cryptocurrencies.

  1. Choosing the right Cryptocurrency Exchange

One of the most important factors is to choose the right cryptocurrency exchange by doing research about their fees and services offered by them. Some of the most popular and largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin exchange in India charge high fees. As an investor, you should look out for low fees offered by the exchange to make profits from your investment. Some of the cryptocurrency exchange in India charge lower fee and provide better services which makes trader’s portfolios more profitable.

  1. Security

As an investor, Security is considered as one of the most crucial factors to be considered in the cryptocurrency domain. You should secure your investment in hardware wallets to keep your investment safe from hackers. It is best to transfer your cryptocurrency funds to a secure hardware wallet and use it when you need to transact.

     3. Having in-depth technical knowledge about the Market

Before investing, you should know about the cryptocurrency market, about the technical price charts, and know how to use the historical information for projections. By this method, your investment will be safe. Cryptocurrency exchanges in India like WazirX, help investors by offering tools like technical charts, tracking the price movements in real-time and they also offer relatively low fees for their traders through their exchange. It also offers best cryptocurrency exchange app where the traders can download from their mobile and start using it. As per various review, WazirX is considered as best Bitcoin exchange in India which offers strict security.


Several people have invested in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and have made profits when there is a change in price movements. It is possible when you have adequate knowledge and know the technicalities and the risks involved in investing in cryptocurrencies. Also, the trader should perform research about the projects they are investing their money into.

bitcoin in purse

    5.Storing the assets

One of the best practices to safeguard the investment in cryptocurrencies is to store your assets in an online wallet. Cold Wallets are considered to be the best option than online holdings. Since nothing is foolproof, it is better to leave your investments with a good cryptocurrency exchange than losing them to hackers.

    6.Social Media Hype

Since Cryptocurrency is the latest Buzz word, it attracts lots of investors who are interested in becoming a millionaire overnight. It has made a tremendous impact on Cryptocurrency investing and trading. Seeing this, lots of investors have invested in Cryptos without knowing about bitcoin, blockchain, altcoins, and various risks involved in it. Some of the articles in social media about “Bitcoin Made me a Millionaire” have mislead several investors to invest in cryptocurrencies which has turned our badly. So, a proper credibility check is advisable.


Final Thoughts

We can say that investing in cryptocurrencies should be done with the utmost care, as it offers profitable results if invested wisely, or it will bring huge losses if handled without care. Therefore, extensive research should be carried out before investing your money in cryptocurrencies. Hope the above-mentioned pointers gave you a good insight into the mistakes you should avoid while investing in cryptocurrencies.

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