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The easiest and most effective way to make money from Blog 2020

Blogging online may just be a hobby of some people. However, if you dig deeper, you could potentially turn that hobby into a good money-making job. The article will help you learn more about how to make money!

We understand: Blogging is not the easiest way to make money online, but anyone can. Find a topic that is interesting and interesting to you, patiently research the material, and build content for it. Caring for a more attractive and richer blog is also a way to increase traffic and have long-term benefits. So how do successful bloggers make money?

We will help you come up with a concrete plan to start blogging and develop it into a profitable job from home.

How to get started with a blog?

How to get started with a blog-thatviralfeedcdn

You can start blogging without a lot of tech knowledge. Currently, there are two popular methods to start blogging: You can use a free blogging platform or create your own website. In this article, we will show you both ways, outlining the pros and cons of each. From there you can decide how much to choose the right method and get started with blogging.

  1. Use the free blogging platform

Free blogging platform suitable for those who just want to save articles, not use for making money.

  • Pros: Easy to install and completely free.
  • Cons: There are many limitations to customizing or uploading videos or images. You are less likely to place ads or use links, and you cannot create custom URLs. Free blogging platforms also have the right to delete your blog at any time.

Free blogging sites are very simple to set up and easy to use. If you only consider blogging as a hobby at first, this will be the right choice.

However, all free items have undesirable limitations. Your blog will have limited storage so if you are overloaded you may have to delete previous posts, using videos or images will also become more difficult. Another downside is that the blog URL, such as “”, is the same name as the brand.

For professional bloggers, the main source of income is based on the status of advertising on the page and the link to the advertising website. However, on free blogging platforms, this is not allowed. If all of these problems are most acceptable to you, this is the best way to have an online blog.

The best free blogs today: – The most popular and easiest to use free blogging platform. You need to include WordPress branded ads for free, in case you don’t want to do so, you will need to pay a monthly fee, you will not be able to place ads on your website. Besides, there will be restrictions on customization or extension.

Blogger – This is Google’s free blog hosting service. This website is easy to use, but not the first choice for those who like to regularly update new features, existing designs or customizations do not have much innovation.

Medium – This blogging platform focuses on text rather than design because its users are predominantly writers, journalists and experts. Thanks to Medium, everyone can share their work with each other and with the community. However, you will not be able to run ads and it is difficult to build a personal brand.

  1. Create your own website

This is the way for professional bloggers who want to make money from this job.

Advantages: You will be more proactive in customizing and designing, owning your own domain name, able to create ads and links as you like.

Cons: You’ll need to pay for a domain name (URL) as well as a hosting fee.

There are many of you worried about when you want to create a website that is not tech-savvy, but it’s actually quite easy, it only takes 20 minutes to have your own website.

You create a personal brand with a unique color that only you have (use your own domain name) – That is the advantage of having your own website. Also, you won’t have to worry about having your blog deleted by the public platform because this is your property, you will control it.

WordPress offers lots of sample templates and themes to choose from. Take the time to find a template that best matches your blog’s personality, interests, and theme.

Instructions for choosing a blog topic

Blog topics can be the hardest or easiest part when you get started. It is important to choose a topic that you are knowledgeable about and that you are interested in learning about. In the crowded blogger’s world, new bloggers often make the mistake of starting a blog without making a difference or surprise.

Example: If you are a fashion lover, instead of providing general knowledge about this field on your blog. You can combine fashion interest with concern for the environment, writing about environmentally conscious fashion designers – This will be an interesting and interesting topic.

The best ways for you to find a new blog topic:

  • Check out other blogs: This is the first way everyone needs to do it. See what those blogs are successful at? More importantly, what they are missing to help find the shortcomings in the market that they can exploit.
  • Use Google: Almost everyone will go to Google to search? You can rely on Google search suggestions and automatically find out what people are learning. What they are looking for is what they need.
  • Check out FAQs on forums: When people don’t have answers to their problems, they go to forums and seek advice. This is definitely what they are concerned about and lack of information.
  • Stay on top of current trends: What topics are popular in the media? It’s fine if it’s a hot topic for a long time, but if you are someone who can keep up with new trends, learn about it, and give useful information like a highly expert, then you can become work sooner.
  • Richer content changes: You can make articles about how to do instructions, interview genre, comment category (review), listings (toplist). It may not be all you write, but it helps you make a difference.
  • Identify interests and passions: Although all of the above are essential, the most important thing is passions and hobbies, no one blogging about things they don’t care about. That only makes you quickly discouraged and give up soon. Find something you truly love and want to give.

How to increase the traffic to your blog

When you started your own website, you searched for a niche topic and posted the first article. The question is: Where are your readers now? You can’t just leave it alone and think readers will find you on their own. You need to act!

Here are the easiest and most effective ways for readers to find your blog:

  1. Advertise blog in the media

Currently, almost all businesses, celebrities, or anyone have a social media account. It is flawed if you do not take advantage of this potential advertising channel.

It’s a good idea to set up a site or create a social media account for your blog channel. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or even Linkedin is fine. You also need to care for your social networking site by color and theme similar to the blog will make it easy to recognize the brand and make its mark.

Sharing new tagged posts by other bloggers, influencers, or businesses and companies will help those content reach a larger audience.

You can also use paid advertising to reach more audiences or create contests to increase likes. Once you have followers, find a way to retain them by posting regularly, not just every new blog post.

  1. Connect with other bloggers

Find bloggers on topics similar to yours. You might think it’s a competitor, but in reality, you will be quite amazed at the mutual support within the blogger’s community.

Even if many bloggers have an affiliate page on their website, which contains pages of other bloggers in the community, you can do the same thing. This helps SEO (how search engine optimization – helps your blog more likely to appear on Google search) to grow better. Joining and sharing in the blogger’s community will help you get more favors and more opportunities to cooperate at work.

  1. Answer the inquiries on your blog

If you have any questions regarding your issue, please join in support. This is an effective way of sharing and it also helps you to have close contact with your readers.

Example: If you are blogging about cheap student cooking, check out the Student Expenditure Survey. Each month, students spend about 2,000,000VND on food, you can show them how to spend less than this amount and have better food quality.

You will be widely known on social media for relevant hashtags, participate in discussions, proactively reach out to journalists to share your opinions. If you actually do this better than you imagined, more journalists will come to you.

  1. Create viral content

Viral – The term of marketing for content that has a strong viral spread on social networks or media that will help you easily reach the market and increase your audience.

This sounds easy but implementation is quite difficult, the key to creating viral content is the controversial or very hot topics right now, heavily discussed related to your blogosphere.

Since this is your passion and forte, you will have a lot of knowledge about it, so you can post an opinion that people want to read, share, and talk to.

9 ways to make money blogging

Once you have started improving your blog and getting started on it, you can start making money. Here are the best and easiest ways to make money for a blogger:

  1. Use affiliate marketing on your blog

Affiliate marketing works when it comes to adding followed affiliate links to blog posts. You will receive a small commission every time a reader clicks on the website to suggest a purchase.

Links that lead readers to the website of some brands that you advertise, the amount you receive is the “thank you” brand gives you when introducing potential customers to them.

Most e-commerce sites or major brands like Amazon, Topshop, Apple, or ASOS have such links.

You can look up the huge affiliate networks in the world with thousands of famous brands to start making money from there.

Claire Roach – The owner of the Daily Deals UK money-saving blog shared: We mainly use affiliate marketing as the main source of income, and can also use Google AdSense to make a few extra pounds per month.

Affiliate marketing is the right way to make money for many bloggers. Ceri Jones of says: Every blogger wants to introduce unique products and services to its readers. Many companies are willing to offer affiliate programs for bloggers to join and start earning commissions.

It’s important to identify which affiliate programs are good. Give your honest reviews and only encourage your readers to buy products and services that are good for them.

  1. Add banner advertising for your website

This is a more visual advertising way when you sell space on your blog to brands that place banner ads relevant to your readership.

Ads can be placed anywhere on the page, but the most common is at the top or 2 sidebars of the page.

Currently, there are two main ways to earn an income:

CPC (low cost-per-time): You’ll get a payout when each reader clicks on the ad.

CPM (cost per 1000 impressions): You will negotiate a payment set for every 1000 ad impressions on the page.

With the growth of AdBlocker plugins (hide ads), CPC and CPM can be lower, depending on your industry, but trying to monetize is not too risky. A quick way to get started is to create an account with Google AdSense.

  1. Write advertising content

According to many shares of bloggers, one of the best ways to make money is by creating promotional content in the form of a blog post to get paid.

Example: When Adidas launched a new line of swimwear, if you had a women’s sportswear blog, you could offer to pay to write a post about this new look. To increase trust, can add affiliate links at the top of the page.

This is the right money-making method when you have the right audience. Increasing readership every day means more brands will find you, and your opportunities to make money are also open.

  1. Monetize your social media posts

If you are a relatively influential person on social networking sites, you will be an attractive target for many brands. There are people who make money completely by posting ads on strong social media. You can charge per post/post again and get an unexpectedly high amount.

You will need to build an attractive social media and blog site, especially to attract readers. The number of followers is a testament to whether you are successful or not, brands will rely on the number of followers and engagement metrics from your posts to gauge competence.

  1. Write articles for brand blogs in the media

If you are the right person, the media or brand blogs may come to you and offer you a partnership to appear on their website.

For example, your strength area is cooking on a budget, a newspaper can contact you and ask you to contribute some articles about savings recipes for that newspaper and you will earn money from there.

Always proactively come up with new ideas, if you are worried the editor doesn’t know who you are, send a short email demo to help your blog be recognized.

  1. Build a blog through a support company

Perhaps many people do not know, blogging has become an increasingly popular job in the world of advertising, even now there are many companies supporting bloggers to reach out to big brands.

Finding a third-party agent is a safe and profitable way. However, when getting started you also need to prepare a relatively large amount of expense. The high fee means that it seems only suitable for big brands, but for small individual blogs, it will be difficult.

Depending on the type of blogging business you are targeting, the support company will give you the right direction, which can be either beneficial or harmful. For example, if you want to blog about the ethics of fashion, a support company can prevent you from working with the individual designers you want.

  1. Selling products/services on the blog

You can earn money giving readers access to paid e-books, videos, courses, or seminars. This requires bloggers to have highly specialized knowledge as well as good skills in the field to be persuaded.

For the most part, all readers consider things on the Internet to be free, but nothing is impossible. Is this also worth a try, right?

  1. Sell newsletter space on your blog

One of the other ways to monetize blogging is to sell ad spaces for brands or have these brands featured in weekly / monthly newsletters if you have one. It will take some time to organize, but the return should be decent.

  1. Attract recruiters’ attention

Using a blog to promote your own business or ask a blog to get a job is also a good way.

If you are a student and have an online shop, the blog will be an effective advertising channel but should maintain moderation so that readers do not leave.

You can also use your blog as a kind of online profile, build your reputation on it, show off your skills, and hopefully get a good job out of it.

Think of it this way: your blog is like your own small business and by letting recruiters know you have the potential and can do this successfully, you’re showing that you have a top. entrepreneurial mind and know how to achieve success with it.

The biggest challenges when making money blogging

The biggest challenges when making money blogging-thatviralfeedcdn

For the opportunity to generate full-time income through blogging, again, you need multiple streams of income from a selection of sources. Monetizing a blog takes time and depends on whether you have some amount of traffic. The more readers you have, the more attractive you are to advertisers.

Another major challenge facing bloggers is competition. Competition among bloggers in the same industry is fierce; Jobs for bloggers are scarce.

The blog market is saturated with lots of ambitious bloggers fighting to be famous. However, if working with dedication and consistency, it is possible.

Are you really making money blogging?

The answer is definitely YES. However, how much money you can make depends on each person: capacity, time, effort, and dedication. Monetizing blogging takes time and depends on whether you have some traffic. The more readers you have, the more money you will make from advertising.

To make a decent income from blogging, think about having multiple streams of income coming from different sources and through a variety of mediums.

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