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Should You Noindex Category & Archive Pages?

When you hire SEO services, you will see that some of the SEO experts are using noindex for the category and archive pages. But some of them are not using it. Why? There are always different opinions by different SEO services on category and archive pages. No doubt they are good to use from content and intent perspective. But are they really good for SEO?

Why are some SEO analysts using noindex for both of these pages if it is good for SEO? Well, many reasons are there and experts say that category and archive pages can be good or bad, both for a website. So on which side your website is? Is it getting benefit from the category and archive pages or not? To check out the status you need to analyze a few things. Below we are providing a complete guide for you on category and archive pages and the usage of noindex. Maybe you need it for your website, or you can use it for providing SEO services to others. No matter what purpose you have, you can utilize these amazing sections on your website. 

Noindex Or Not?

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All the SEO services will have different opinions, so should you index your category and archive pages or not? There is something more important to know. Do you need categories and archive pages, well, let’s find out the best answers to all these questions?

Why No index?

You can tell Google crawlers not to index your category and archive pages. But that doesn’t mean Google crawlers won’t crawl those pages. They will crawl, but they won’t list such pages if you have noindex attribute used. But why should you use it? Because sometimes your tags and category pages rank higher, and your other main commercial, lead generating, or landing pages are not ranking higher. So this one is the major reason why you should use the “Noindex” attribute with your category and archive pages. 

Why Not Use Noindex?

Websites like eCommerce and some others may have different product categories as their landing pages. So they want to rank higher with these landing pages. That is why such websites are not recommended to use “noindex” with their category and archive pages by some SEO services

Why Category & Tags Are Important?

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There are thousands of reasons behind the importance of categories & tags on your website. Following are some of the famous reasons.

Structured Content

Categories will show your content in a structured manner to the reader.

Easy To Browse

In a structured manner, the content will become more visible and easy to look for. 

User Experience

As users will find it easy to search and find useful content on your websites, the user experience will be on the next level. 

Who Should Use Category pages?

We hope that the above-mentioned importance of category pages is enough to start using them. But if you are not sure that your website needs category pages or not, then the following are some websites recommended using categories by the SEO services. 

eCommerce Websites

As eCommerce websites have more product pages and commercial content, they must have category pages. 

Sites With Variety

But does it mean that eCommerce websites are only those required categories? No, SEO services will also recommend category pages for sites with a variety of services, content, or product. 

Travel Sites

Travel sites are more location-targeted that is why SEO services recommend them to use category pages. 

Why Archive Pages Important?

As category pages, archive pages are also important. Not only in search engine optimization, but in many other ways. Following are some benefits showing why archive pages are important.

Readers Spend More Time

When you have old content available on your website, the readers will start spending more time on your website. 

More Content

Using archive pages on your website will give more content to your readers. More search intent will be satisfied with your visitors. 

More Optimization

With more content and pages, your website will have more optimization by search engines. But to optimize properly you need proper usage of tags. There will be no need to use the “Noindex” attribute.

Bring Back Readers

More content, more engagement with readers, and more optimization will bring more value. So there will be returning readers on your website. That is why many SEO services recommend using archive pages.

Who Should Use Archive Pages?

Now some website owners may ask whether they need archive pages on their site or not. Well following are some examples on which websites should use archive pages. Don’t worry if you don’t fall under these categories. You can use it if some SEO services or agencies have recommended it to you. 

  • Data Providing Sites
  • News Providing Sites

  • Informational Blogs

So in this post, we have figured out how important it is to use categories and archive pages for indexing. But still, it is important sometimes to noindex your category and archive pages. SEO services and agencies recommend different options for different websites. Because it depends upon the website niche and your purpose behind the website. So there is no single rule applicable to all the websites. Every website should have different decisions related to noindex.

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