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How to Improve Your Creativity for Hiring Portuguese Translators

The translation is all about adaptation, negotiation and creativity. It’s a process of negotiation between two distinct cultures, two different languages and two different mindsets. The bottom line is that translation is a very creative act, so it is super important to use your creativity when hiring Portuguese translators.

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Translators are faced with the complicated task of using different words to achieve the same meaning and understanding. Writing is a very creative act, so the translation is a creative act as well. Here is what you should look for when hiring the best Portuguese translators:

Personal translation style

The best translators out there instill something personal into their translation work, so make sure to look for a translator or team of translators with their translation style. Every translator approaches the text differently, and the outcome of the project is directly connected to the person or people who created it. Creativity is very personal, so translators tend to manifest their creative approach through their translation style. We would recommend asking for translation samples or merely asking the translators what their unique translation style is when considering whether to hire them.

The Ability to Connect the Dots

When a translator is working on translating a document from one language to another, there are many dots to connect before high-quality results are achieved. Translators need to be able to connect the dots and use various tools and skills, including a feel for the language, translation and writing skills and an in-depth understanding of the subject and the cultural context in play. They also need the ability to read between the lines to the more technical aspects of the translation work, including CAT tools, glossaries and resources. So make sure to ask your translator or translation team about their skills and abilities during the hiring process.

Copywriting skills

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Translators also need to be great copywriters. Many translators tend to provide copywriting services as well, to diversify as a natural extension to their translation work. Most translators are also excellent copywriters because they can approach the text from a translator’s perspective, meaning that they focus on precision and clarity to avoid wording that could be misinterpreted by the target audience. We recommend asking your translator for writing samples and how they approach the writing process.

Artistic personality

Many translators are also artists in the most real sense of the word. We recommend hiring a translator with an artistic nature because this tends to work better for creative work. Many translators and linguists are also engaged in many creative activities and hobbies on the side, including photography, hard rock music, book cover design, branding, vocal music studies, poetry, writing novels, painting and more. After all, art is an outlet and the perfect way to express one’s emotions and concerns. It’s also all about translating one’s feelings and emotions creatively. We recommend asking any translator you are considering if they are engaged in any other creative work or hobbies on the side.

Creative perception

Translators do not read things superficially. Instead, they tend to assimilate and detailed information as part of their translation work process. And this knowledge tends to inspire translators to explore, create and find solutions, leading them to become more creatively perceptive people. Translators are creative people because they soak up all the knowledge in the world.

Language as a creative tool

The best translators also know how to use language as an innovative tool. Language is a very creative concept. Translators can use language as a creative tool to create their work, just like artists can use colors and mix them in combinations to produce an art project. And since translators know at least two languages, their creativity is even more stimulated. They know how to complement possible voids in one language with information from another language. Creativity is even more likely to surface when people speak more than one language. So make sure to ask any translators you’re considering hiring how they use language as a creative tool.

Excellent branding skills

The best translators also have excellent branding skills. When it comes to marketing, branding is the perfect paradigm of translators’ creativity. Keep in mind that branding typically applies to freelance translators and business owners, not to all translators. But freelance translators can create a brand and connect the dots that allow them to communicate their message to prospects and clients. They can translate the basics of their services into the brand design, brand name, brand colors and marketing copy. This level of creativity requires more attention and appreciation. We recommend asking any translators you are considering about their business branding and other creative skills.

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