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Android App Development: The Right Way to Do it!

Since its inception, Android app development has turned into one of the most influential mobile operating systems with over 90 percent market share. A large number of mobile phones, tablets, and other products are running over Android. An Android app development company, too, be it in any part of the world, is benefitting with its such a huge demand. 

But, behind all these promising facts is a long journey of hard-earned fame!

We will be talking in the reference of the same, i.e., how Android app development actually takes place. 

So, without waiting more, let’s dive right into it!

Challenges With Android App Development 

Challenges With Android App Development -Thatviralfeedcdn


You must realize that the app market is already very crowded. There is a need for you to put something exceptional on the table to stand out from your competitors. 

Your idea must be unique, different, and not resemble others on any parameters as it won’t be doing any good to your brand or your application. A one incorporating innovative features would allow you to address your audiences’ needs properly. 

Research & Targeting

Research is one of the toughest yet most significant steps of the process. 

Consider several important points, such as How unique your idea is, the right market for your app, how to make your app accessible, strategy to drive the target audience, potential competitors, and many more. 

Conduct your research for the target audience and their requirements from the very beginning thoroughly. 

Resources for Development

The concept of development in every part of the world, for instance, be it an Android app development in the UK or the US or any other demands the adoption of the latest technology along with a team skilled enough to do the coding as per the standards.

Gather all these resources such as technology, platform, language, team, etc. before getting on board to make the process further.

Develop your practical knowledge and expose yourself to some real experiences to know if a particular resource is adequate and sufficient for your web development process. 

Define Budget

Don’t go for a small budget already as if any sudden requirement comes up; you don’t really know where to arrange the funds from, and things become relatively indispensable to plan. While setting the budget, make sure to consider the type you would be developing your application in, i.e., hybrid or native, the nature of your app, payments, etc. Once done with this part, you can plan to allocate the same budget into different parts accordingly. 

Things to Consider for Android App Development

Not to mention, wise decisions, dedication, clear vision, and adequate strategies are what you need for developing your app successfully. Further, besides all this, what you need for the desired development of your Android application includes:

  • Validating the idea via market research
  • Realistic and practical app objective
  • Development of distinctive features
  • The wireframe of your android app
  • Testing of application for errors identification and resolving them 
  • Development within the resources set and invested
  • Analysis of the competitors 
  • Robust deployment policy
  • Comprehensive and powerful marketing strategy 

All these things, once considered, ensure the proper demand, usability, and security, of your app.

How to Finally Carry Out Android App Development?

When you have gathered all resources and considered all points, you can finally take the development process ahead. 

Make the Plan

The first step now is to plan how you would proceed. Keep the timelines in mind, along with a clear understanding of what your app is about and what problems of users it is catering to. Check the points of user research, testing, investor pitches, etc. as well. 

Select the Suitable Environment

Based on your understanding of your project, you need to know how to set up your development environment to prepare your desktop to support your Android app. You need to install The Android Studio and the Android SDK on your system. 

Android Studio is referred to as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) where the code is entered. Other tools from here can be utilized for development. Android Studio lets you use Android SDK for libraries and APIs. 

Choose the Language

Android app development is usually carried out using two very popular languages known as Java and kotlin. Kotlin, however, is now more preferred due to the provision for several advanced features and functionalities. Kotlin has been designed with the intent to serve the development of Android applications.

Start the Process


Last but not least, finalize other factors like designs, animations, any unique features, and begin the coding. 

It is the point where all comes together to compile as one into an application. You can make use of Android Studio, which is the official IDE for Android, along with others, including Material Design, Java, etc. for a top-notch development. 


Your Android app development always has scope for improvements. Make sure to achieve a satisfactory level of development. You can even reach out to any Android app development company to seek help from. 

Keep trying, and you will get your perfect Android application ready to hit the market!

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