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How to Save Money this Winter by Keeping your Home Warm

As winters are approaching, you may have started calculating heating costs. There is nothing better then sitting on your sofa with a wrapped blanket and watching your favorite movie. It is freezing outside, and you want your home to be warm and cozy. Using electric heaters and blowers during chilly nights will shoot up your electricity bill. Many people keep their electric heaters on for longer time, which increases utility expenses and heating costs.

You must be thinking on tips and tricks to reduce your heating bill without making a big investment. There are ways to keep your home warm without using electric heaters. Let’s have a look at some simple energy saving tips-

#1. Add warm layers on your bed and couch to keep you warmer.

Add warm layers on your bed and couch to keep you warmer -thatviralfeedcdn

It’s time to switch your cotton bed sheets with flannel bed sheets and warm blankets. Create layers of warm blankets with warmer comforter or duvet filling. A heated mattress pad can do wonders if you are a person who loves to sleep in a cozy environment in freezing nights. Pick a perfect warm throw for your couch too to provide you warmth while watching T.V or working on your laptop.

#2. Add warm layers on your floor as well.

It is not only the bed which needs to be warmer; you also need a warmer surface on the floor to walk. Thick rugs and carpets are always good to walk on, for bare foot. Imagine you wake up from your cozy, warm bed and put your feet on the warm area rug rather than on the cold floor. Ah! What a warm treatment to your feet. Apart from making your home stylish, the rugs also add warm coziness to your home.

#3. Close all doors and windows air tight which are not in use.

Cover them as much as possible. Replace soft curtains or blinds with heavy and thick curtains or blinds. They will help in blocking the air to enter into the room. You can cover your unused windows and doors with plastic sheets; it will help to keep the heat in.

#4. Do not forget to fill any cracks or holes in the doors or windows.

Do not let cold air come into your home. Check for all empty spaces between the edges of the windows. Remember to keep all unwanted openings, closed. This will not only help you in providing warmth, but also savings on energy usage. Make a note that closing of all windows and doors for a longer time can cause headache or sickness. To avoid such situation, you can open your windows for sometime to let fresh air come in.

#5. Be prepared to keep yourself warm during chilly nights and cold days by dressing in warm clothes.

Replace your shorts and pajamas with warm thermals, socks, and sets. Dress in layers of knitted wool sweaters and coats. Look for thick hats to cover your head and ears. Cover your face with a scarf. Protect your feet with thick socks and boots. You can opt for snow pants too, if it’s freezing.

#6. This may seem impossible, but it is not that impossible.

Yes, moving or rearranging your furniture is one of the simplest ways to help reducing your heating costs during winters. Move your furniture away from vents or radiators. This will help in improving airflow, so that the heat can circulate easily. Furniture can block hot air and prevent it from being distributed in the home. Therefore, moving your furniture like sofa, beds, couches or almirahs which are placed in front of vent or radiator is essential to ensure that hot air is warming your home not only your furniture. You can purchase a comprehensive furniture package according to your space size and budget.

#7. If you are a landlord, then you need to prepare your rental property for the winter season to get reduced heating costs.

Moving in winters seems tough, but in fact it is simple. You will be needed to provide many things to the tenant ranging from basic amenities to furniture needs; therefore, it is suggested to consider buying landlord furniture packs. These furniture packages are the perfect way to create beautiful interiors without any hustle. These packs contain everything required to furnish a home and are customizable according to needs and budget.

#8. Winter is all about enjoying a hot cup of tea or coffee while snuggling up in warm blankets.

Winter is all about enjoying a hot cup-thatviralfeedcdn

Drinking hot beverages during winters is best to keep your body warmer. Switch off your electric heaters, start sipping hot drinks and ward off the chilled winters. Try consuming masala chai, honey ginger tea, hot water, hot tea or coffee, kashmiri tea, turmeric and honey in skimmed.

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