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The World’s Most Spectacular Deserts are Definitely a Sight To Experience

A list of famous and splendid deserts around the globe that will amaze your senses.

Mother earth is full of wonders and nerve-wracking experiences. Out of so many splendid things worldwide, deserts are the landscapes that stun us the most. The barren lands of sand are isolated, yet they have an undefined beauty inside them. They can be hot, cold, or both(days and nights are different in deserts). One-third of Earth’s surface area is covered with Deserts. You will be presented with the most diverse scenery and vast beauty if you visit all of these deserts. Therefore, take a look at the list of desserts in the world that are most spectacular.

Amaze your senses visiting these beautiful deserts

The Sahara Desert, Africa

The Sahara Desert, Africa-thatviralfeedcdn

The Sahara covers most of Africa’s Northern region and spread over 3.6 million Square miles in area. It ranks third in terms of the world’s largest and hottest deserts. Although many people often think of the beautiful dunes found in the Sahara Desert, they only make up a small part. The landscape is mainly composed of rocky Hamada or arid land amidst rocky plateaus. You will also find little scraps of grasslands (though sparse), various bushes, mountains, and salt flats. The Sahara Desert also has many flora and fauna as well as several species of foxes.

The Mojave Desert, California

The Mojave Desert covers parts of California’s southeastern region and Nevada’s southern region, as well as a small part of northwest Arizona and southwest Utah. The protected Joshua trees can help to recognize this desert. It is also considered a “high desert.” The incredible Death Valley in the Mojave Desert is 282 feet (86 meters) beneath sea level. The Mojave Desert is also host to the stunning Valley of Fire State Park and numerous museums and towns, making it a top-rated destination and a tourist hotspot.

The Sonoran Desert Mexico/USA

The Sonoran Desert Mexico USA-thatviralfeedcdn

The Sonoran Desert is spread across parts of Arizona, California, and Mexico. It is a scenic area full of local flora and fauna, including saguaro cacti and organ cacti. The site is also prosperous since this area is home to multiple Native American societies, plus cities such as Tucson, Phoenix. Temptations include many national parks, such as Joshua Tree National Park, and wildlife sanctuaries, such as Kofa National Wildlife, which protects the desert’s bighorn sheep. Make Spirit Airlines reservations to visit the desert and enjoy a night full of stars while camping.

The Antarctic desert, Antarctica

As we all are familiar with, there are also some cold deserts in the world. Winter and dark are the best words to describe teh continent of Antarctica. Antarctica does not have enough rainfall to meet other conditions outside the desert. The little snow it receives will never melt and become ice. Except for moss and algae, you will not find any plants. And the only animals you can see in this desert are seals, whales, and the cutest flightless birds, penguins.

The Thar Desert, India/Pakistan

The Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert, is inhabited in northwestern  India and easterly Pakistan. The Thar Desert is the most populous desert on earth, with 83 people living per square kilometer. Sand dunes covering most of the desert, as well as alluvial plains and salt lakes that appear during the monsoon season, can recognize this landscape. The biodiversity is impressive, with more than 140 species of birds, 23 species of lizards, 25 species of snakes, plus chinkara or Indian gazelle, to name a few.

The Taklamakan Desert Central Asia

The Taklimakan Desert in China is a globally unique second-largest quicksand desert, covering an area of ​​130k square miles (337k square kilometers). The desert is an extremely harsh environment, the low points in winter will be much lower than zero, and there is almost no water source, which makes the area almost deprived of flora and fauna. Even the people on SIlk Roa try to Avoid the area and cross it by the edge.

The Namib Desert in Africa

The Namib Desert stretches for 1,200 miles (1,931 kilometers) and is one of the oldest deserts on earth, with a history of at least 55 million years. It is located on the Atlantic coast of Africa, in countries such as Namibia, Angola, and South Africa. Although it is a desert, many plants and animals live on land, including “desert” elephants, which can survive for several days even without water. Book with Delta Airlines Reservations and spend an adventurous time in one of these deserts around the world, bringing you endless fun.

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