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A Definitive Guide to Invest in School Management Software

For every potential investment, the first question that every investor is curious to ask is, “what is the ROI?” Because finding out the ROI gives an exact picture of the efficiency of an idea.

The same logic and question apply when planning to invest in school management software with a motive to increase the overall administration revenue and productivity.

If we look at the pace of day-to-day technological advancement, it is becoming more evident for schools to transform the ‘every day’ classroom experience into digital. 

Further, due to this global pandemic hit, it has become even more prominent to have all the tools that facilitate the overall operations of a school. And nothing could be more beneficial than investing in school management software. 


Edtech investments reached up to $19 billion in 2019. According to a UNESCO report, school closures owing to the pandemic led to a disturbance in the education of over 1.2 billion children’s education in almost 186 countries.

Therefore, schools rushed drastically on adapting to swiftly evolving education technology. The market for online education is valued to reach $350 billion by 2025, with the US and China dominating the market.

An efficient school management software programs have become today to help manage the operational and administrative tasks aptly; you wouldn’t want to be left out of this global shift that is all set to shape up the coming decades.

To start with, you need to decide whether you should shift your administrative activities and overall school productivity online. Scroll down to know how investing in a school management software provides an upper edge to your school. 

Things we have covered in the blog:

  1. Why invest in a school management software?
  2. Features to look for in a school management software
  3. How’s the ROI of having a school management system?
  4. What next?
  5. Conclusion

1. Why Invest in School Management Software?

  • Save time and resources

Managing a school is as complicated as handling an MNC; even the smallest introduction of automation can bring noticeable impact. Earlier, most schools compelled teachers to do administrative tasks like managing attendance, exercising the admission process, and whatnot. 

However, introducing software capable of reducing administrative strains can drastically save time and energy, which can be used in better and more productive ways, like training teachers to deliver better lectures.  

  • The tracking and reporting option helps in decision-making

Introducing software for school management also adds benefits, like adopting the best applicant tracking system. Productive school management software gives schools the power to enhance daily operations,  processes, and activities.

Most pre-eminent school management software create, manage, and download all sorts of custom reports that serve the data-based decision-making needs. 

  • Feeds information to parents

Today, most of the parents are working and hence have tight schedules. Thus they prefer a software/app which can update them with all the school and classroom related information about their kids.

In such situations, school management software offers all the information related to their child’s progress and, at the same time, facilitates quick communication with their kid’s school and teachers.  

Further, this feature also motivates parents to spread word-of-mouth publicity about the school with their friends and family. 

  • Transform school’s administrative activities:

From creating a detailed syllabus to creating and handling the admission process and managing databases to promote school activities, school management software nowadays comes with a unique bundle of features to ease administrative tasks. 

All these unique features help organize processes that make your school appear more professional, and thus, becomes a  desirable choice for students and parents. 

  • Supports multi-school management

If you have more than one school or have branches, having the school management software becomes more imperative as its unique features combine digital operations of more than one branch.

It also motivates you to plan for opening a new branch without wondering about the added administrative and reporting expenses, resulting in better control.  

2. Features to Look for in a School Management Software

When planning to buy a school management software, it is advised to ensure that the software must have all or a combination of these following features needed according to your requirements:

  • Student information
  • Admission management
  • Library management
  • Transportation management
  • HR management
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Access to parents
  • Teacher related information
  • AI integration
  • Live chat/ email support
  • Timetable management 
  • Online classroom option
  • Assignment and report card tracking 
  • Online fees payment option and documentation handling

3. How’s the ROI with a School Management System?

With so much said, the question remains the same, is it worth having a school management system and what ROI/benefits it delivers from the administrative point of view.

Below are some of the benefits of having school ERP software that directly contributes to your school’s administrative revenues and financials. Also, these benefits prove to bring a drastic increase in the ROI as they directly save the costs:

  • Automation reduces manual efforts hence saves total working hours
  • Avoids inaccuracies hence saving reworking time
  • Results in better and sophisticated data collection 
  • Saves paper cost
  • Requires minimal IT and infrastructure facilities, therefore, cost-saving
  • Increases motivation of teachers
  • Lean processes and reduces mundane administrative work
  • Supports automatic updates, which reduce the administrative burden
  • Cloud-based options are available at zero-investment and maximum returns
  • Turn out to be a savior in case of any disaster
  • Helps in executing successful marketing campaigns

With so much savings and enhanced productivity, having school management software is a win-win deal for both school management and parents. Furthermore, it drastically helps in reducing operational and administrative expenses.  

4. What Next?

Now that you know the benefits that a school ERP software offers, it’s time to plan for the best software which matches your school’s administrative needs.

Once you settle on to buying and installing school management software, it’s time to cater to the following tasks:

  • Use big data 

Focus on making data-driven decisions on enhancing learning with the kind of school management software you decide to buy because other schools are now smartly using technologies like big data and AI to go big.

  • Offer immersive education experience 

According to AR Insider, the education business will gain significantly from technologies like AR and VR by the end of 2023; and the world expects to have 1.5 Billion AR-VR compatible smartphones.

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The Parting Note

With education going online, having a top-rated school management software is a must. This need becomes more of a priority when your institute’s strength is 50+ students, and you are planning for further expansion, as it reduces administrative costs and, in turn, increases productivity.

So, have you been working with any school management system so far? Or are you looking for one? Let us know in the comments to help guide you to get the best software for your school.

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