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Technology in Classrooms Enhance Learning and Development

In the 21st century, technological advancements have led to an easier, better lifestyle. Technology can be integral in achieving a significant increase in productivity. As digital natives of this era, students are already interested and are engaged in technology, and it is detrimental to their growth to not use these tools as platforms for their educational growth. Plenty of international schools are already doing so.

With the help of audio and video, there is an increase in knowledge retention, students are more interested as learning becomes more fun and amusing. It makes learning more enjoyable for the students, which is the ultimate goal. To top it all, technology can encourage an added active participation in the learning process as that’s not easy to achieve through traditional teaching methods. Technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can personalize and learn your weaknesses by targeting and curate a special and unique teaching program which is practically impossible in a classroom. Also, recruiters will be looking for tech-savvy workers because adaptation will be needed as workplaces are full of digital data nowadays.

Teachers and parents in international schools, like GIIS, are often of the opinion that children spend too much time before digital screens like televisions, mobile phones, and computers, using applications and visiting websites. However, when such habits are put to good use, they can be a boon. Experts have found that the use of  technology for teaching and learning by some international schools like GIIS have actually outweighed the negatives of overdose of screentime.

Here are a few key points in reference to technology that can help you inculcate positive changes when it comes to learning and teaching :

  • Improves the student’s chances of being a participant

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When technology comes into the classrooms of an international school with audio and video aid, students tend to be more interested in learning. Technology can provide more opportunities in classrooms of an international school with the help of colour, sound, appealing graphics, virtual field trips, songs, etc. Students will not find learning boring anymore and can also create an environment where active participation is shown, taking away the element of shyness and making sure all the studying material is grasped, which is hard to achieve in a classroom where the teacher’s attention is divided.

  • Increases knowledge retention

With the help of music, songs, videos, pictures, in an international school, there is an increased chance for students in an international school to remember the following. A different form of technology can be tried and tested to find out what is working and what is not working so as to ensure optimal knowledge retention.

  • Monitoring and changing privacy settings

You can always keep a track of the websites your kid is visiting. Make sure he/she is spending his time on the internet wisely and correctly. You can block web pages so as to ensure safety as we all know, the internet is a funny place. Make your child aware of the threats involved in using the internet and teach him about cybersecurity and cybercrime.

  • Create tech-free zones

Create tech-free zones-thatviralfeedcdn

Restrict the usage of devices for your kids so they have a healthy balance. Do not let them use devices a few hours before and after bed as it also affects sleep. Do not let them carry their favourite gadgets to the dinner table. Make sure your child reaps the benefits of technology, uses it and doesn’t abuse it.

Technology can be used for various purposes in an international school and otherwise too, it can help in learning, growing and achieving. It’s up to you, whether it’s a boon or curse.

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