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7 Tips That Can Help Save Money on Curtain Rods

Curtains are an important accessory for windows. Even if you can get a spectacular view and have complete privacy, there will be times when you would want to pull down the shades. The brightness of the sunlight or the darkness of the night isn’t always welcome. There are times when you would want to turn your home into a cozy haven, away from the world. A curtain seems like a necessity for such times.

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While large and airy windows are wonderful to have, they can prove to be expensive when it comes to covering them up. The cost of the curtains itself can be harsh on your pocket. To add to that, you need rods of some kind to hang them up. These also have a significant cost attached to it. 

Windows, curtains, and rods – all seem like a necessary expense, but there are ways to reduce the expenditure by following the below tips:

  1. Look for Options

When shopping around for curtain rods, do not buy the first one you like.  For curtain rods, India has many available options in the form of branded stores as well as small retailers selling the goods. Find out the prices and note them down. Look at a number of stores. Chances are that you will find something you like better for a much lower cost. You might even find your first choice in another store being sold at a discount. It is better to do a lot of searching before buying rather than feeling bad about it later. It is also a good option to wait for an upcoming sale to get better deals.

  1. Get Them Custom Made

If you have a carpenter doing woodwork around your house, you can ask them to cut and shape some of the wood to a length to match your window. Paint it in any color you like and you have a curtain rods design that you will not find in the market. You can also design the endings of the rod to be unique with a personal touch. You will need wall supports to hold the rods and these too can be shaped from pieces of scrap wood. All that you need to make sure is that it is thick and strong enough to bear the weight of your curtain.

  1. Improvise

Most hardware stores sell closet poles that are used in wardrobes for hanging clothes. For smaller windows, these can serve as curtain rods as well. And they can be bought at a much lower price than those sold as curtain rods. You can also use regular copper rods from a hardware store to double up as a curtain rod.

  1. String Them Up

If you are planning to put up sheer curtains or ones that are lightweight, you don’t even need a rod. Just put up hooks at the ends of your windows. String two panels of your curtains through a ribbon or a fancy rope and tie up the two ends to the hooks. You can add another hook at the center to support the string and curtains. This is one of the cheapest methods to cover your windows. You can also use curtain wires instead of a ribbon.

  1. Cover Up the Windows with Film

This method can be applied to any number of windows across the house to ensure that the amount of light is not compromised while giving you sufficient privacy. The films also help the room to be cool. To make them look classy, you can paint on the film and give any room a very unique appearance. It is also a great way to bring out the artist in you.

  1. Use Plumbing Pipes

The pipes that carry water around your house are a great way to hang your curtains. You can pick up the right size from any hardware store along with pipe connectors. It is better to buy a set of pipes and connectors as they are threaded to be paired together. Before you fix them into place, make sure that you have put the pipe through the curtain loops. You can then fix the connector ends to the wall.

  1. Design Your Own

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Lightweight curtains can be hung on top of the windows by using coat hooks as support for thin curtain rods that are not very expensive. You need not buy a curtain system. These curtain rods can also be replaced by thin rods or pipes lying around the house. Paint them in any color you want and you have exotic free-hanging rods at your service.

While you are looking for ways to cut costs on curtain rods, you must be wise enough to check them for quality and durability. In order to prevent losses to this ignorance, it might be a good idea to go to a trusted store and look for a good deal on design and product. If you like to change your décor regularly, you can skip this and continue to look for cheaper alternatives.

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