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Draw Your Own Manga or Anime Character using 4 important steps

If you are looking to form your own manga or even your own animation you’ll likely to draw and elegance a minimum of 1 protagonist.

Draw Your Own Manga or Anime Character using 4 important steps

Even if you’re feeling quite comfortable alongside your drawing ability properly designing a personality that you simply will draw over and over are often challenging. The subsequent tutorial offers some recommendations on the foremost important steps of making your own manga or anime character.

Two vital aspects to designing anime and manga characters:



One of the famous manga websites is Manga Stream and there you get all frequent updates. You got to believe how a manga or anime character will look from all views/angles 

How to Design a Manga or Anime Character Step by Step

Step1 – Character Profile

  • Decide on what your character is getting to be and pick the bare minimum details you’ll need to convey that to the viewer of your manga or animation. for instance what clothing or accessories do they need to best show who they are?
  • If you would like to style a person’s or a minimum of humanoid you ought to write down some basic information about your character like their age, occupation, personality, etc… Their design can then be supported by these factors.

Step2 – Rough Character Sketches

  • Draw some rough sketches of your ideas. These are often from any view and in any pose that you simply like. Draw whatever you’re feeling best shows off your character. Do a minimum of a 1 full-body sketches and a few packs up face sketches.
  • If your character must be particularly big or particularly small you’ll sketch them next to what would be a mean sized person to urge a much better idea of their size.
  • Use the bare minimum details you’d like when drawing. Don’t make the designs complicated. you’ll always add more details later if you’re feeling your character is simply too plain.

Step3 – Developing the Character Design 

  • To further develop your design draw your character from the front, all sides, and back views. you’ll also draw additional views if you’d wish to.
  • The reason to undertake those drawings is that you’re going to have an all-around design of your character. 

To help you keep even proportions in several views you’ll draw guidelines from one part in one view to the same part in another view. It’s important to note here that because of perspective certain parts of a personality won’t always be perfectly aligned to others in several views. 

Step4 – Coloring an Anime Character.

  • Manga is often black and white but
  • color remains utilized in some places.

For a tutorial on coloring an anime character  you’ll see:

While you will have certain colors in mind for your character there is a really important aspect of coloring to recollect of. Certain colors go better together than others. These are usually

  • complementary colors or colors
  • across from one another on the color
  • wheel (black and white accompany almost everything). you’ll often see the use of complementary colors if you inspect the color schemes of popular anime
  • characters. the colors don’t need to
  • exactly match those on the color
  • wheel they’re going to be a variation of a given color.
  • You should also pick colors that are

appropriate for the type of character you’re trying to form. Colors can give off certain moods. For example, blue is taken under consideration a cool color while red is taken under consideration as warm. So if let’s say you’d wish to style a fantasy character that uses ice magic you almost certainly don’t want to use plenty of reds in their design.

Two vital aspects to designing anime and manga characters-thatviralfeedcdn


Properly designing a manga or anime character are often plenty of labor but it can also be tons of fun. If you think that you’ve got an honest idea for a manga or an anime definitely provides it a try & write for us. If you’d like help drawing within the anime or manga style then inspect another bit of reference material.

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