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Jabra Elite 65t Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds Review: The Best AirPods Alternative

The Elite 65t earbuds launched by Jabra are among the best options of truly wireless devices with the latest technological properties. They can be used as a preferred alternative to AirPods because of several reasons. AirPods are based on size fit design. Therefore, it is problematic for many people to buy a hook in order to ensure a snug protected fit.

Jabra Elite 65t Bluetooth True Wireless earbuds review: the best AirPods alternative

They are also not a good choice when you are in a busy place. Apart from some issues, we can enjoy numerous features of this gadget. Therefore, it is very popular among people, but the launch of Elite 65t indicates that the fame of AirPods is dwindling.

The following features of Elite 65t justify that this device is surely an alternative to AirPods.

1) Convenient and Elegant Design:

Jabra Elite 65t is an elegant grey colored device designed by using gunmetal. It does not contain any odd look or structure. Jabra’s earbuds contain a simple and elegant design, which attracts buyers. They do not have any long stems like AirPods. This device provides a microphone for each earbud, and these two microphones are very helpful while audio or video calling.

Convenient and Elegant Design - FindHeadsets

We can conveniently wear this device because it can easily fit in your auricles. Wearers do not find any problem regarding the size. It also provides silicon tips to isolate noise. These tips are offered in three different sizes. The casing is built with plastic material, but still, it looks like the finest one. A comfortable and relaxing effect can be felt while wearing.

2) Stable Connection:

Unstable connections are very common among many headsets, and they face connectivity problems in busy places. This issue can be very annoying for users, but you do not need to be worried about it while using Elite 65t. You can avail of an opportunity of improving your acoustic experience due to the provision of a remarkable stable connection.

Stable connection - findheadsets

It uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to deliver amazing connectivity to your devices. It is a known fact that these earphones are compatible with every device due to the wireless feature. They are very helpful in the concern of compatibility.

3) Sound Quality:

Sound quality plays an essential role in the progress of a headset. The gadget offers tremendous sound quality with strong bass. You can enjoy exceptional acoustic results by using it. Noise cancellation helps you to enjoy uninterrupted music in noisy areas. The quality of sound is managed accurately according to the user’s demand and desire.

Sound Quality - findheadsets

No audio distortion is detected, so you can enjoy seamless music. Another noticeable thing regarding sound is adaptably ambient, which is also very helpful in generating quality acoustic output. Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets also give users a facility of using its app, and you can manage settings of your earbuds regarding sound or volume without any discomfort. Sound can be adjusted according to your desire by using this outstanding application.

4) Dust and Water Resistance:

Resistance against dust and water is another interesting feature of this device. It has IP55 ranked resistance against dust and sweat, which is known for its great performance in the marketplace. The brand also provides two years warranty against any harm to the device due to these aspects.

Dust and water resistance - findheadsets

Thus, users do not need to be worried about the damage to the device due to moisture and dust. You can avail of alterations and amendments if you face any issue regarding it. Due to sweat, many devices are not able to work properly, but Elite 65t works efficiently due to the feature of dust resistance.

5) Battery Life:

It also provides an extremely satisfactory battery life. On a single charge, a charging time of 5 hours is offered. Battery time can also be managed to increase by listening to music at low or medium volume. This amazing battery property is the same as Airpods. However, its casing is perfect for two extra charges. These high-class headsets facilitate with 15 hours of battery life.

Battery Life - findheadsets

If the offered battery charging time is not adequate for accomplishing your desires, two extra charges can be used for this purpose. This aspect is responsible for making a prior choice for many customers. Some audiophiles or music lovers majorly focus on an earbud with amazing battery time to enjoy for a long time without distraction. Almost 9 hours are required to completely charge the case and earpiece. Green LED is used for showing that the battery is fully charged.

After considering the aforementioned features, we can understand that Jabra Elite 65t is the best alternative for Apple AirPods. The exceptional features like excellent battery timing, stable connection, comfortable fit, and many more make it a significant choice for buyers. These earpieces are a little bit costly, but the remarkable functionality pays it off. If you want to know more about the new variety then you can visit FindHeadsets. You can explore a variety of headsets from here.

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