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10+ tips to enhance innovation and creativity within your team

The success rate of marketing campaigns is solely dependent on OUT-OF-THE-BOX IDEAS. The more creative idea you bring forth, the better are your chances of survival in the rat race that we call ‘marketing’. But how do you come up with unique ideas all 365 days of the year? ‘Rack your brains’ – you hear them saying. According to Ana, as a marketer from Myassignmenthelp, “you of all people know better. You know that it is impossible for one head to come up with original ideas every day”.

The only way out to get the stream of creativity flowing steadily is to get the entire marketing team up and about. With the whole team participating, imagine the treasure trove of diverse viewpoints and imaginations you can get your hands on.

As the leader of a marketing team, there are things in your power that you can do to encourage creativity among your team members.



Sometimes, people might have ideas that will leave you awestruck. However, if they are too introverted to stand up and speak during a meeting, their idea will go unappreciated. At times, they might be stuck with a creative block and just need a motivational push to get out of the rut. At such times, you can be the motivational force that can get the team members on board, so that they are willing to put in the time and effort required to be creative.

Here are 11 things that you can practice to feed the creativity in your team and bring it out in the open.

1. Use their personal interests

When a person is interested in something, it is normal that he or she would have better ideas about it. For example, if one of your team members is keen about sports, then you could ask him or her to come up with ideas for a sports-related campaign for your brand. When you assign a person to brainstorm the ideas that they are fond of, you will be amazed at the number of innovative ideas they come up with. So try to find out what their hobbies are and what makes them passionate. Soon you will learn to use it to the advantage of your company.

2. Create the right ambience

To be honest, the office isn’t really a desirable place for quirky ideas to stem in your mind. Most offices are claustrophobic, and the monotony hampers creative thoughts. You need to make the office environment interesting so that the walls can breathe better ideas. Most media houses have open spaces and lounging areas where employees brainstorm and think of unusual ideas. On a deeper level too, you need to knock down the walls and create an environment that promotes creative thinking. Keep a check on the criticism and find a way to mellow down the harsh truths on them.

3. Schedule team brainstorming sessions

Take out time to have weekly or monthly brainstorm sessions. This will serve as an opportunity of open engagement and help the team members who are on the introverted end to interact with their fellow teammates. Team sessions would also ensure that the members of the team value each other’s idea. You can also follow up with the sessions by running a contest and keeping rewards like a gift card or a movie ticket to motivate your team members.

4. Unite team members on the business goals

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You are on your way, but you do not know where your destination is. How could you possibly reach the right place? Unless you have a goal to achieve, you won’t be able to give your best at it. The same goes for your team members. They need to know what they are working towards to be able to give in their all. So, make sure that they are on the same page as yours and are aware of the changing goals and new opportunities for the company. When they are more involved, they will want to contribute to the company’s success.

5. Ask your team for suggestions

One of the best ways to engage your team to participate more is by asking them for suggestions. When you ask them for opinions, they feel special and want to contribute to the betterment of the company. When someone has a suggestion, the chances are that he or she has a planned out idea in mind. For example, if someone is working in and suggests video content over blogs, then you can ask the person to present a project on why the suggestion should be considered at all.

6. Use a rotational approach

If you are told to come up with the same thing every day of your life, then monotony would definitely get in your way. To avoid monotony, you can employ your employees for different tasks to stimulate new brainstorming ideas. You can even try rotating the team duties and break the tedium. This will allow them to breathe easy and eventually spark new ideas.

7. Give them feedback

Unless they know whether their ideas are being put to use or not, they will not feel like contributing. So, let them know the results that their work has yielded. When they see that their efforts have made a mark and brought about a change, they would be motivated to give in more effort. And when someone’s ideas fetch the desired results, give them the due credit for their job. The recognition will act as a morale boost for them as well as give others a reason to work harder.

8. Do not stress on mistakes

To err is human and there will be times when a team member might fail to deliver a successful idea. Instead of bashing him or her, you need to give them the assurance that their mistakes will be encouraged if they are willing to learn from the mistakes. If you shut someone down due to an error, you might just impede the creative process in a person, thus shutting down the environment to brainstorm ideas.

9. Foster free-flowing conversations

You never really know where ideas come from. Just like Archimedes, your eureka moment can come to you while taking a shower or while brewing your cup of coffee or while talking to a colleague in the office pantry. Free-flowing conversations and cross-culture sessions can foster better ideation. For example, a product marketer can help your team with the delivery of the product. This way, they can use the information to structure a brand marketing idea.

10. Host workshops

The plant on innovation will never grow tall if rain and sunlight do not feed it. If you want your team members to come up with great ideas, you need to give them food for thought. And for that, you need to schedule activities and workshops to teach them the tricks. For example, you can host seminars for tagline creation and campaign content where you show them how it is done. You can even share relevant links and discuss them at length to help them master the art.

11. Offer a positive environment

Discouragement is the biggest reason why most people shy away from sharing ideas even when they are creative with their thoughts. Simply encourage your team by not discouraging them. If one of them has an idea that you know will not work, do not reject the idea altogether. Even if you do, do not put them down in front of others. You need to foster an environment where your team members are willing to share their ideas.

Creativity does not come naturally to everyone. Work stress doesn’t water creativity. Most employees do not feel satisfied and secured in their job designations. This dissatisfaction leads to disinterest, thus lowering the chances of eureka moments. But that’s not an unsolvable problem anymore. Use these 11 tips to foster creativity within your team. You can thank me later!

Author Bio: Ricky is the marketing head of the company named He is also a business instructional speaker and an active blogger. In his hours of leisure, he loves to read books and travel.

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