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Shop quality tropical fruit online in Malaga

It’s time to start taking a little more care of your body, eat healthy and, perhaps, lose those extra kilos that we have been able to get between the ice cream, barbecues, late dinner and cocktails… All that takes its toll on us, and your body may be crying out for a break.

That’s why we want to introduce you to our fruit and vegetable crops, so that you can regenerate your body and, before the arrival of Christmas get your eating habits back on track. Many experts say that we are what we eat, so there is no better way to be healthy than eating healthy. Mens sana in corpore sano

Fruit and Veggies from Andalusia: fresh and seasonal   


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If you too are one of those people who, after the summer and all the binge eating, want to start taking care of your figure, go for quality fruit and vegetables. In the media we see many advertisements promoting magical products and incredible diets that go nowhere because they are excessively restrictive and not at all nutritious. grows fresh fruit and vegetables in Almunecar (Granada)

So that you can take care of yourself. In our quality farm we make sure that our products are always fresh. A family project that aims to offer our customers quality products that help them to take care of their bodies.

Shop fruit directly from the farmer: have fresh fruit and vegetables in your home every month


If you live in Spain and the idea of eating a much healthier diet based on vegetables and fruit sounds appealing to you, we would like to let you know that you can subscribe to their monthly tropical fruit basket service, so that every month you will receive a basket of seasonal fruit at home to enjoy. For example, if you sign up for the monthly tropical fruit service, next month you will receive a whole arsenal of avocados, dragon fruit and mangoes.

Another option available to you is to buy fruit individually through their website, although we recommend that you also sign up for their monthly tropical fruit basket service, as it is a way of trying fruit that you might not otherwise try, and which is also in season.

In addition to all this, there is the added advantage that you will be able to put a face to your farmer, you can contact Manolo Mateos and ask him about your doubts and concerns regarding this subject. Also, if you want, you can ask for a visit to their farm to learn a little more about the cultivation processes and the farmers behind this project. We would be delighted to show you a little more about this wonderful world.

Buy Avocados and Fresh Fruit Directly from Farmer Online

So, if you want to enjoy the good flavours of quality and seasonal fruit and vegetables, don’t hesitate to buy from our website, as well as to sign up for a monthly subscription service for a basket of tropical fruit. If you order individually, you will have it at your doorstep within 24 hours, and if you sign up for the monthly tropical fruit service, every month you will have new seasonal products to add a tasty touch to your desserts and meals. Of course, when placing your orders, it is important to know that we do not deliver from Friday to Sunday.

Some of their specialty fruits:

 Avocados from Spain    (LINK:

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They cultivate not only the Hass varietal, therefore we are happy to assure that you can enjoy fresh avocados all year round. Antillano, Bacon, Fuerte, Cocktail, Hass, Lamb Hass, Reed are our beloved sorts, always picked up from the tree after at least 10 months of maduration.

Dragon Fruit

It has different names, including pitaya, pitahaya, or strawberry pear. Dragon fruit tastes slightly sweet cross between a kiwi watermelon. Manolo Mateos cultivates the three main varieties, red skin with white pulp, red skin with purple pulp and the yellow skin with white pulp type. The season begins in July and we manage to extend it up to Christmas

Cherimoya for Sale Online

Although originally from Peru, the many exchanges between Spain and America caused this fruit to end up in our small town due to its special weather conditions, close to the sea and surrounded by mountain that protect us from cold and heavy winds.

Manolo’s grandfather’s dad planted around 100 trees and he managed to restore them, producing awesome size and flavor cherimoyas.

This tropical fruit will boost your immunity though it is very rich in minerals, very good your heart too

Season goes from September to April in their farm

Sweet Mangos de Malaga

Manolo Mateos proudly cultivates different kind of mangoes in our farm, the season begins early in August with the Baby Mangos del cielo and Glenn but we also cultivate Osteen (might be the only place on Earth where this varietal tastes and smell good) Kent, Sensation, Keitt and Ataulfo

Even though Mateo’s farm is very far away from the tropic of cancer latitude, he assures to have special conditions that makes it possible to farm this delicious fruit

Red Bananas

Some people may think it’s a joke, but bananas can also have a red outfit. Manolo Mateos used to work as a travel guide and found this plant in one of his trips to Southern Asia, thats when he realised it would be a success to cultivate and it has become one of his Hallmark of identity, several spanish TV’s interviewed him already.

These bananas need much more time to ripen but the experience of tasting it makes it worth waiting

Macadamia Nuts Grown in Spain

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These unique nuts come from Australia, but Manolo’s family managed to adapt them and around 500 macadamia trees are now growing in his farm.

They are very healthy and rich in nutrients that improve your heart health and glucose sugar control

He might be the only macadamia farmer in Europe!


Another surprise Manolo Mateos gave us is  the only coffee plantation in Europe and the furthermost Northern in the world. Pacamara, typica and Mondo Novo are some of the varietals he cultivates. Manolo hopes to collect the first harvest in Spring 2022

Coffee workshops will hopefully be held in the farm in the future to give baristas and specialty coffee roasters, the oportunity to get in touch with this unique plant and its culture

Guided tours in Almunecar

Manolo also offers guided tours around our farm with fruit tasting and the possibility of barbecue or Spanish typical dishes such as paella, gazpacho or tortilla

Some of the special fruits you can taste are: Starfruit, lychees, orinoco banana, kaffir limes, longan,  finger limes, papaya, guava, olive trees, pomegranate, carob tree, Rosemarie, lemons, almonds, vineyards, zapote, lucuma, figs or orange and tangerines

Last but not least, Manolo Mateos also produces in association with a local jam factory organic marmalade and macadamia honey

What are you waiting for? Shop the best quality fruit online with us and start taking care of yourself and eating quality, fresh fruit and vegetables at the best price.

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