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Why Meal Plan is Important for Building Muscle

Bodybuilding is a process in which folks develop body and muscle mass. Either it is for competitive purposes or recreational use. Bodybuilding requires both heavy lifting and proper diet which involves high calories and of course protein-rich diet. A person who tends to visit the gym cannot miss out on their diet. They have to eat a good amount that can help them maintain and develop sufficient muscle mass. Bodybuilders have to eat food which is for increasing muscle mass. Together with daily exercise and a high calorie diet, folks can achieve their milestones.

Benefits of Bodybuilding:

One of the clear cut benefits people can attain from body building is that they can gain strength and through aerobic exercises they can lose a lot of body fat. Daily or regular exercise is very important. Daily exercise proves to be beneficial in eliminating all sorts of movement-related or mortality diseases. Regular exercises can also help the person stay active and healthy by all means. It is well proven that folks who exercise daily tend to increase their lifespan and also reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Thus exercise or going to the gym is important for everyone. You can check to maintain standard body weight


Nutrition for bodybuilding 

It is proven that the amount of calories a person takes together with exercise determines the amount of body gain or loss. Basically it determines the overall body weight of the person. For every bodybuilder to maintain the muscle mass the number or intake of calories need to be as high as possible. The intake of food must be more than the standard amount of calories. In simple words bodybuilders need to consume a lot more than 2500 calories.

According to a survey it is proven that a bodybuilder must take 15% of more calories during the bulk-up period and to maintain the weight they must reduce their daily calorie intake by 15% to be exact. To build up body muscle it is very important to consult a dietician, instructor or a doctor before undergoing this massive phase of increasing body mass and daily exercise. Though exercise is pretty harmless and thousands of people are increasing their body muscle for fashion or competitive purposes.


There are three basic macronutrients. These are carbohydrates, fats and protein. A bodybuilder must take around 60% carbohydrates with 30% of proteins and 15% of fats to develop body mass. 

Number of meals per day 

This might seem a little controversial but most of the fitness instructors claim that a person who is ready to gain muscle mass must take around three to six meals every day. There is no correlation between the timing and impact of workout on the amount or quantity of meals taken every day. The most important part that matters is that every folk who is inclined to gain body mass must take all the three macronutrients in exact amounts and in well described proportions as well. Together with daily exercise one can reach their goal in a few months.

Food list 

Bodybuilders can have every type of food they wish to eat or want to. But the main part is to keep a good balance between protein, carbohydrates and fats. 

In terms of protein they can have eggs, nuts, seeds, fish and beef. They can also have high calorie made yogurt as well. 

However when it comes to having carbs they can munch on starchy vegetables, corn, wheat, oatmeal, rice and fruits like oranges. These have high calories and tend to be quite filling as well. 

In case of fats they can have nuts seeds with oil containing snacks or olive oil to complete their 15% of fat amount every day. 

Bodybuilders can check with their instructors if they wish to change their meal plan. However the items written are appropriate and best for gaining body mass.  If you wish to know you can always read more on ninja meal prep to gain muscle mass.

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