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Best male psychiatrist in Islamabad

We are living in the world of technology but everyone is facing mental pressure. It leads to anxiety, stress, depression, drug addiction, and many more. Some people have mental problems so they need assistance from a psychiatrist. If you are residing in Islamabad, then you need to know about the popular and experienced psychiatrists here. You can access them easily without any hassle. Learn more about some famous names in the medical industry here. 

Doctor Shahid Akhtar

Doctor shahid has been working in this field of psychiatry for thirty years. He has completed his MBBS degree from Peshawar University in 1985-86. He has attendant internal medicine course from Edinburgh (Scotland) in 1989. In the Republic of Ireland, he started working from 1990. You can contact him for all mental and psychiatric issues and health problems like Pervasive Developmental Disorder. It is a mild type of disorder, but it needs care and treatment. With the help of some tips and techniques, you can improve their visual skills. Doctor Shahid is the best psychiatrist in Islamabad. The majority of the people access him for different problems like autism.

The age of autism diagnosis and its intensity signs are different. Autism signs are seen in infants in their first month sometimes. However, the difference in behaviors becomes obvious later in the age of 2 or 3. In all children with autism, signs are not obvious. Even children who do not have autism show few signs. Therefore, professional diagnosis is important. If you find your child’s following indications, you must consider that your child is at risk. It is time to contact your doctor or pediatrician.

The areas of his training are Forensic Psychiatry, Perinatal, Child Psychiatry, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Drug addiction, Learning disability Psychiatry, Old age Psychiatry, and Adult Psychiatry. 

Dr Abu Al Ahdi Shahid

He is a psychiatrist and a specialized psychologist with deep knowledge about human behavior and mind. The doctor is a specialist in his field of clinical mental health. With the ability to study behavior by recording, interpreting, and observing people, he can relate people to one another. He can diagnose and treat the social and emotional problems in people. It is very simple and easy to access him online. 

Assist. Prof. Dr. Hafiz Sultan Muhammad

Doctor Hafiz Sultan Muhammad is an F.C.P.S. and M.B.B.S. Psychiatrist. He cares for about seventy patients in a day. He has scheduled sessions three times a week. The doctor has been serving in the Hospital for over thirty years and has successfully performed numerous treatments. Therefore, there is no doubt in his expertise and practice.

The doctor is renowned all over the country and beyond the country for his skills in Psychiatry since he is working as a reviewer, consultant, and advisor to patient and professional organizations. On Psychiatry national and international platforms, the doctor delivers lectures, which are also published. He has been assisting in Psychiatry successfully. It is very easy and simple to access the doctor without any hassle.

Who is the best doctor in Islamabad?

Doctor Shahid Akhtar is the famous name here. Undoubtedly, Doctor Shahid Akhtar is well-practiced in his field and utilizes various approaches with one common motive of offering ultimate support and care to his patients. He is always updated with the modern research and advancement in psychiatry since he believes that he can serve his patients effectively with the help of the latest techniques.

He is the best psychiatrist in Islamabad. Several patients have faced great trouble regarding their mental issues, psychological problems, and others, but today, they live happily because of his experienced treatment practices. No doubt, among his patients and colleagues, he has earned a respectable position. Patients are at the peak of their comfort level after accessing the doctor and interacting with him for their health problems.

How to access the doctor?

It is very simple and easy to access the doctor online and you can book the appointment without any hassle. You can contact them for online booking. Once the doctors approve your assessment, they start your dispensary and medication. You can get the effective medicines from their trusted pharmacy that is registered. They dispatch it in discreet packaging to your given address. They do not need any prescription because the doctors generate it in their rehabilitation center. This is surety that you will get effective, safe and genuine medication. 

Facilitating the users with easy administration, they are easily accessible. To give more advantageous access to doctor prescribed prescriptions, all the doctors offer patients drugs before they leave the workplace. They are one of the first in the nation to offer completely systematic on location prescription administrations for Medicaid-oversaw care patients.

The health care facilities are available all the time and the user finds it very easy to access due to the systematic management.


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