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TradeTheBit Review – Find Out How My Experience Turned Out with This Trading Platform? (

I have always been a curious person. If something new excites me, I always tend to explore it and make myself perfect. So, when I got to know about online trading platforms and how this trading world works, I found myself fascinated by them. I wanted to get into the depth of trading and explore it as much as possible before I jumped into it.

For this purpose, I started reading and asking about it to people who have been in the trading world for quite some time. I wanted to get to know about the experiences that will involve all the pros and cons that have been faced during one’s journey. However, when I stepped into the trading world, I will not lie. I was intimidated by it. Seeing thousands of options for trading online made me nervous. Only because I think in this advanced technological world where everything is readily available, online trading can be fake or scam.

TradeTheBit Review - TradeTheBit Review – Find Out How My Experience Turned Out with This Trading Platform? (

To try to make myself familiar with trading and its platforms, I also learned how some platforms were scams, and many people faced some losses along with losing their data online. That part of online trading shook me. But as I found myself curious and intrigued by trading, I still decided to take a leap of faith and dive into it.

I planned to read as many articles as possible about a particular platform that I am interested in. But then, I started questioning a few of my friends who have been part of the platforms to get the insights that will make it easy for me in my decision. Also, I thought it would be better to explore the platforms by myself to ensure that the platforms I will be looking forward to my trading are accessible for me to use.

Hence, all that and work paid off, and I came across with TradeTheBit. It was my first time trying a trading platform, and I found myself more than satisfied. In this review, I will be sharing my experience as a new trader to advance users with all the pros and cons that I have come across with. So, let’s jump right into it without further a due.

TradeTheBit Review – Find Out How My Experience Turned Out with This Trading Platform? (

Assets and Tools:

The platform introduces its users with five different asset types: Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, and Crypto. The users have more than 200 assets that made me even more eager to start my trading with this platform when I came to know about it. These assets were alphabetically arranged in a section named “Asset Index.” Under each asset, it is trading hours, expiry rule, and if they had any International code, that was mentioned too.

A good platform believes in the growth of their business and the traders. TradetheBit is a platform that has adopted numerous methods for this. The availability of highly effective equipment was one of the things that motivated me the most. And the level of customization they provide benefits traders of all kinds. For example, I love how we can easily pick between different chart types. The live stocks bar on the web page is another commendable feature because it lets me quickly see what is going on in the market.

Trading Platform

The primary look of the page is exceptionally snappy and imaginative. At first glance, the color contrast of black and golden looks incredibly modern, and the white content in the dark foundation is extraordinarily noticeable and neat. However, after spending some time on the platform, the dark theme started to wear me off as I began to feel eye-straining because of its dark color scheme. In addition, the use of chart tools becomes a hassle, and you lose confidence in making the best decisions.

The integrated graphics render the website self-explanatory, making it simple to navigate. It’s incredibly user-friendly. The TradetheBit logo, which appears at the top of each tab, is fused to return you to the website’s main page instantly. I appreciate how the website designers have ensured that all icons are visible, and the text stands out.

A network that can’t be used on various devices won’t be your long-term trading partner. It’s unrealistic to ask people to carry heavy workstations wherever they go, so a mobile-friendly website should be your first choice. TradeTheBit is simple to use over the phone or any other gadget, and it is graphics and tools that give even a better experience. However, I noticed the restriction to access the website in different dialects, which I think the platform can consider upgrading.

When I went on a long vacation with my family and forgot to bring my computer, I needed to make a significant arrangement in a faraway country. Thank God that I was able to access the platform via my phone. At this point, I realized how the platform considers its client’s requirements.

Trading Platform tradethe bit review

Account Selection

I remember wanting to update my account and not find out how. So, I dialed the platform’s number, and a young man soon assisted me in logging into my new account, which had enhanced and improved features. Multiple accounts are available on the platform to meet the needs of all traders. New traders can open the most straightforward account, which requires the smallest initial deposit.

I knew exactly what kind of account type I need to make my profile even better, and I think with the help of a delegated account manager, I decided to upgrade my account. There were the following account types that I had the option to choose from:

  • Basic: Accounts start at 250 euros.
  • Silver: Starting at 10,000 euros.
  • Gold: This account type starts from 50,000 euros
  • Platinum: Platinum accounts are ‘invite-only,’ meaning they are only available to experience and serious traders whomTradeTheBit considers key Platinum account holders have access to Lucrative Platinum events in addition to the services available to Gold account holders.

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Safety and Security:

This is the next most important thing that I think every trader should invest their time exploring before joining any platform. One should never compromise when it comes to the security of their assets and information. If a platform doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be a sound spot for my assets, then it’s a huge drawback for me, and I would even think of giving that platform a chance for trading.

A few different ways to search about safety and security are by the lawful segment at the lower part of their web page, conversing with your seniors and its clients, and conversing with delegates can help. The principal thing I did was to test the legal area. Their measure of straightforwardness showed and helped me establish the frameworks of a trust-based relationship with the platform. Going through archives like Risk Disclosure articulation, Bonus Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy, Anti Money Laundering Policy made me feel safe and secure.

One thing that I noticed was the restriction to access the website in different dialects.

Customer Service and Their Representatives:

As a new trader, when I got to know about the platform’s representatives, I know I would be taking advantage of this service a lot. I can’t recall a single month during these years when I didn’t need to seek answers from the platform’s agents for experienced issues. I found the administrations to be very competent and adequate. I knew I could contact the representatives at any time using various methods, including Phone, Email, Form accommodation, and a Live chat.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that I’d like to address in the hopes of resolving them. To begin with, there is no international number for moving clients from one side of the globe to the other. Clients from Canada can make use of the call option. This, as well as the Live chat option, can be used in specific schedule openings. However, you have the choice of using email at any time.

This has been an incredible experience for me. I recall being surprised by a late response by the representatives because I wasn’t used to it. I later realized I was attempting to approach during off-hours. It took some effort to convince myself that limited accessibility was a good idea, but I’ve found out how to work around it now.

My Final Thoughts on the Platform:

The only platform that has persuaded me to stay with it for an extended period is TradetheBit. This is due to the feeling of fulfillment I get immediately after trading. There are several features I didn’t get to mention above, one of which is the well-established and well-organized education section.

Furthermore, the various accounts available to meet the diverse needs of traders ensure that you only pay for what you require. You can take advantage of any of these features if you believe they would suffice for your trading needs.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge kinds and this is not a recommendation.

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