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TopMarketCap Review 2021: Is this broker worth your investments? (

There is no doubt that the last two decades have seen a rise in online trading platforms that have made lives easier for millions of traders. If someone came to me and recommended an online platform 10 years ago, I would have laughed it off since my experience had taught me not to go to these online sites for daily trading. However, as technology evolved, the quality of many of these online trading platforms also developed.

Today, it is difficult for traders to find a quality online broker since there are too many that exist. Only a few of the thousands of online brokers are worthy of handling the flow of stocks and other types of tradable assets. Features are what decide the usefulness of a platform. Speaking of features, one of the best online trading platforms for beginners as well as seasoned professionals is TopMarketCap.

TopMarketCap Review 2021

The reason TopMarketCap stands out from other online traders is versatility and reliability. The online trading site has millions of active traders who trade in assets worth millions of dollars and this number is only for beginners. Professional traders who also utilize the tools available on TopMarketCap have made record profits in the last year alone with pretty much all physical trade brokers not being able to take many bids due to the pandemic. Many traders including professionals have switched to online platforms so that they can trade in value stocks and other assets instead of missing out on such deals.


The primary reason why traders have chosen this platform over others is security. When trading in billions of dollars worth of assets security must be the main focus of any selling point. TopMarketCap has provided its customers with the best encryption technology available and multiple active servers ready to assist its customers when needed.

Encryption is necessary for any platform that handles valuable assets be it a digital currency or tradable stocks, encryption for security is without a doubt too important of a feature to compromise on which is why even the best of the best traders have chosen TopMarketCap. The state-of-the-art high-speed servers are capable of running active verification so that only the owner of specific accounts can access them.

Security - TopMarketCap Review 2021

As a bonus, customers are given assurance that their data will not be shared with any third party without their permission and security policies are stated and described to every customer before they sign up for the service. Customers can rest assured that their data is secure and their assets will stay in their digital wallets until they utilize them.

One of the biggest fears that I had when I ventured into online trading was spams. Spam servers were everywhere at the beginning of online trading so I was very careful with whom I entrusted my data. Eventually, I found TopMarketCap which not only provided me with a detailed description of their security policies but also assured me that they had no connection with any spam servers whatsoever. If you are a tech expert then you would know that the only thing spam servers need to get access to your data is one peek into a data stream but TopMarketCap’s high-speed servers can stay many steps ahead of the spam servers. Even beginners who have little to no assets in their digital wallets are given access to the same security features as everyone else. This way TopMarketCap can keep balanced security access without any risk of compromising on sensitive data.

I have been a regular user of TopMarketCap as my daily trading platform for a while now but I will make this review as an honest user with no preferences from my side so that you can make a judgement on whether you would utilize the tools available on this platform or not.

Platform features

One of the main features that define online trading or any trading platform are the different types of assets users can trade with without having to switch between platforms. Not all online trading platforms offer the same amount of tradable assets and some assets are exclusive to a specific platform. From my experience, I would say that TopMarketCap offers a diverse catalogue of tradable assets that can provide a decent profit margin for beginners and a good start for professionals looking to cash in.

Layout and ease of access

A trading platform can have every feature in the world but if it is not easy to navigate for general customers then it is useless. When I first came across TopMarketCap’s I found it easy to go through the features it provided even though at the time TopMarketCap was just beginning to become a member of the industry. Today, the trading platform has grown exponentially with millions of active users.

Layout and ease of access - TopMarketCap Review 2021

The layout of their webpage is catered for professional traders who are serious about trading in high-risk high reward assets. The webpage also does a great job in addressing beginners and explaining to them how the platform works and how online trading is the best option for beginners. Even though the theme was not one that appealed to me, I preferred to focus on the services that made this platform more worthy than any other.
TopMarketCap has been able to design its layout in such a way that it appeals to all traders whether they are professionals looking to get into the online trading business or beginners who are new to the very concept of trading.


There are over 200 trading assets that users can trade with on TopMarketCap. These include the basic stocks, forex, commodities, indices, stocks, etc along with extra assets that are only offered by a handful of industry leaders. These assets include cryptocurrencies which are the most important asset that any trader can have access to. Cryptocurrencies have shot into the mainstream over the past few years with millions of new traders looking to invest and trade in crypto due to the high profit margin it provides. In the past year alone, cryptocurrencies have changed the world’s financial marketplace with Bitcoin soaring to a whopping $50,000. Any online platform that offers asset trading with Bitcoin is bound to be very attractive to traders since crypto has seen a steady rise ever since with traders raking in hundreds of millions of dollars. This provides a win-win situation for sellers as well as buyers.


The reason why many people prefer online trading as opposed to exchange trading is because of reliable access. Online platforms allow users to operate their accounts and make trades and bids from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. However, many online trading platforms do not function properly in other regions due to a lack of servers. TopMarketCap has ensured that this does not happen to its customers and so far I have been to dozens of different countries and have not experienced any significant drop in connection during the duration of my travels.

Reliability - TopMarketCap Review 2021

Account types

The best feature of TopMarketCap is the different types of accounts they offer to their customer base. They offer an entire spectrum of accounts ranging from absolute beginners to professionals who are willing to trade in large amounts of assets. There are a total of six types of accounts that cater to the needs of a diverse customer base. For developing countries, beginner options are a good start whereas for high stakes high rewards situations platinum level features are a must.

I for one started small and climbed up the account ladder as I gained experience. I began my online trading journey with a self-managed account which is the financial equivalent of a trial run. I had access to significant leverages numbering up to 100 and as well as access to 200 tradable assets which is more than enough to make a strong foothold in the financial marketplace. After trading using this type of account I eventually needed more features but this type I had the financial support from my previous trading to climb up the ladder. I moved up and got an upgrade to a Gold account.

Account types - TopMarketCap Review 2021

This type of account provided everything except for a couple of exclusive features which are preserved for Platinum or Diamond accounts where users have privileged access to trade room invitations and much more. I decided not to upgrade since I was already going strong with the Gold account and didn’t see a need to upgrade. However, upgrading is a great option; it’s just that I have not done it yet.

For new traders, TopMarketCap is an amazing option. It provides expert advice and an advanced support team to help you in case you hit a roadblock. I have been trading using the platform for a while now and I for one find myself satisfied despite some discrepancies. Like all platforms, even TopMarketCap has room for improvement. Starting by introducing more inclusive languages and introducing e-commerce payment methods for transactions, this platform could go a long way.

All in all, if my experience in trading is anything, I can vouch for your growth in the business if you opt for TopMarketCap as your default trading platform.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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