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Thinking of Redesigning your Living Room? Meet Roomtodo

The living room is one of the most important parts of any house. This is because the living room is the part of the house where we do gather, we laugh, we watch TV, we do party and we spend our leisure.

Often, the living room represents the overall image of the house. This is because, if someone visits your home, they do not go to the other part of the home, rather than sit in the living room and judge your inner part by taking a coffee in the living room. Hence, you will see, many designers put extra effort into the living room to make it more included, more styling, more artistic, and more vigorous.

So, I guess you decided to redesign your living room and are in a search of an architect, an interior designer or someone else who can give you a 3D design. But wait, you can do it by yourself. No need to go for a money-spending curriculum while it is easy to create a 3D room all by yourself. The best part is that you can design it as your mind wants, not as per what the designer wants.

Why You Should Design Your Own Living Room?

Designers, interior decor artists or architects are all common in one thing, ideas. This is because they all learn things from textbooks and in many cases, the books are the same.

For example, you would see that designers are keeping the room size 130 to 150 square feet. This is because it is written in textbooks. But believe me, you have a good brain and good thinking ability by using which you can design a living room better and most importantly it will feed your mind with satisfaction.

The second reason is saving some extra bucks and spending that money to add something extraordinary to your living room. The idea is, you can save the money to be spent on designing and spend that money to make your living room better with premium arts or premium furniture.

But the question is, how to do it? And as you have no expertise can you do it? 

The answer is, although you have no expertise, you still can do it and it is free. There are very few tools that allow you to do anything you want for free and ‘Roomtodo’ is the best of all of them.

How Roomtodo Helps You To Draw/Design Your Living Room?

Roomtodo is web software for designing rooms and homes. It is software that includes all of the features required for non-professionals to design a room or home. The reason why roomtodo is so popular among the self designers can be summarised as follows-

  • Roomtodo is completely free to use. Even the user need not open an account to start drawing or to learn. In other words, roomtodo is a 100% free room layout planner. For room layout planning, roomtodo is web software, which means you do not need to install any software on your PC, that can make your PC super slow.
  • Roomtodo is super easy to learn and requires no knowledge. For example, you do not know how to design a room or how to make a design authentic, fabulous, do not know how to add lighting. Then roomtodo is the software you would look for. This is because its on-screen help notes, as well as drag and drop feature, allow you to learn very quickly.
  • In general CAD software, you have to draw and build all of the icons. For example, you have to draw a sofa to put it on a design. There is no pre-made library to ease the work. But in roomtodo, there is a huge pre-made library. You do not need to design anything by yourself. Everything is in the library. All you need is to use them in your design.
  • Conversion between 2D and 3D is super easy in roomtodo. But in typical CAD software sometimes you may need to render your design for 24 hours to get a good 3D. In roomtodo, it is a matter of 1 click to transform any 2D layout to stunning 3D print-ready work.
  • The camera setting allows you to view your designed room from a different perspective. For example, painting on the color may look good from the entry point, but to check how it looks from the corner, you have the option to set the camera. By setting the camera at a different location, you actually know which room settings are going to perfectly define the room you wanted to have.
  • Thinking of the architectural decor or interior design of your room? Roomtodo got you covered. There is a decor menu by using which you can decorate each and every part of your house. For special occasions like Christmas, there is a Christmas decor menu option, by using which you can check your drawing for more included settings.
  • Already mentioned, roomtodo has a vast collection of pre-made equipment and accessories. For example, if you want to put a TV or an aquarium in your living room, there is an option to set it up. So that you can actually build a virtual room of your dream. Moreover, there is a separate library for kitchen, bathroom and other complicated parts of your house by using which you can make a room what no other software can do. Similarly, you have the option to put electrical appliances, kitchen appliances and bathroom appliances.

Roomtodo is a one-of-a-kind software for planning and building a virtual copy of your sweet home. For designing the living room, roomtodo provides a vast collection of things and you can use them without having any specific knowledge of designing. What else one can demand?

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