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How Can Press Releases Benefit New Businesses

New businesses and fledgling establishments are always in need of exposure. After all, to stay afloat, it needs to spread its word around, create for itself a buzzword that attracts customers and potential customers round the clock. That’s how they survive. And unless a new business is backed by an investor from the ranks of Mark Cuban or Elon Musk and are subsequently marketed as so, they need a pretty hefty marketing campaign to make a splash in the market. Lucky for new businesses that couldn’t get Musk or Cuban on board, we’ve got the next best thing: press releases. Doesn’t ring a bell? Let us reel off the list of press release benefits for new businesses.

What in the 1960’s – Sounding Name is a Press Release?

Pretty accurate title. Press releases do trace their origin back to the late 1950’s and 60’s. They might sound pretty archaic but as the internet goes around revolutionizing entire sectors, it did press releases a favor too and made them into a marketing tool. And a pretty useful tool too. What a press release essentially does is convey news to the reader. It does so by utilizing both the print media and social media. A release will contain,

  1. Details of your business (when, how and all other questions can be answered in this section)
  2. Launch date and time.
  3. Any new products/ services you intend to introduce in the market 
  4. Lastly, all contacts associated with your start-up.

However, the most critical part of a press release would be its headline and its overall creativity. See, if a medium has survived for so long, it does so by adapting and evolving. To stay relevant, press releases got creative and so does this formula apply to each release looking to accomplish specific goals. For example, if your budget and business allow for a press release to be distributed, that press release can only float, if, like a good marketing campaign, it cashes on a creative and catchy headline and an overall content that is chock full of pithy language, tongue-in-cheek humour and relevant details all laid out in a compact package.

 So How can Press Release Benefit New Businesses?

First off, press releases derive most of their benefit from the fact that they provide the best cost-effectiveness of any media campaign. Because they rely much on the written document itself and the rest is handled by journalists from the print media side and SEO specialists on social media sites, therefore, the cost incurred is minimum and the services provided are valued at far more than what a normal campaign may cost. For a good example, here are the ReleaseLive packages offered for a minimal amount that guarantees views going into the thousands. For a business that has already allocated its resources elsewhere and has limited funds left to invest on a social media footprint, press releases might be the next best thing when it comes to cost-effectiveness behind the newest phenomenon of free marketing: memes.

Below are the press release benefits for new businesses,

  • Boosting Potential Business Leads

Press releases help a fledgling business by reining in potential business leads much more effectively than an advertisement campaign. Press releases do so by letting potential customers interact freely with the details of your business, thus creating a sense of intimacy between the people and your business, ensuring customers do check out what you have to offer. Press releases are particularly useful if a certain niche is to be marketed since a press release can address and inform public of said niche being expanded by your product or service. That’s the kind of coverage media campaigns don’t provide.

  • Puts your Website to Good Use

There are a ton of websites out there and the odds that a single website caters to a business sector or service sector are pretty slim. Needless to say, competition is stiff and websites are becoming more and more the norm to conduct online business. Therefore, to ensure that the bucks you shelled out to the website-building team pay out, press releases can be used as a way to generate traffic on your website through extensive hyper-linking and backlinking. Backlinking is the process through which links to your website are placed on sites with high equity (news websites and media outlets’ sites) so that potential customers rummaging through the site can easily access your content, thereby guaranteeing website traffic.

  • Reach ‘Concentrated’ Target Audience

Press releases are marketed (online) in such a way that ensures that the identified market is the only strata of the internet community that receives word of a business. To give you an idea, if Beats launches a new pair of earbuds, its TV campaign would spread around to market segments not intended for the product. Whereas the press release marketing strategy would use internet traffic to its advantage and disseminate the information to the demographic most likely to respond to the product launch positively. So, in a nutshell, press release marketing would target the intended audience without spilling over to non-targeted audiences. It’s simply more efficient.

  • Attract Investors the Easy Way

Press releases can also help enormously in creating enough buzz around your product to have investors snooping in on the business, hoping to get a piece of the action. Investors routinely scour the press releases sections of news websites and company websites to get an idea of where the product is headed and how they can get in on the action. If a new business is struggling with finances and needs an investor on the wheel, they can utilize press releases as a way to both market their product and attract investors on board.

If you are interested in sending a Press Release, here is a guide to send it:

There are a ton of other benefits for new businesses to use press releases and get the desired traffic and customers, not to mention the financial burden it can ease when it comes to social media marketing.

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